Once Pandemic Is Over Many Canadians Are Ready to Quit: Survey

A couple of new surveys recently indicated that many Canadians are thinking about quitting their job once the pandemic is over.

Why? There are a variety of reasons. From career stagnation, feeling burned out, to wanting to spend more time at home, looking for more money, there are many reasons people might want a change.

Some employers might see their team quitting one the restrictions are lifted and we do get back to a new normal.

Previous surveys have already indicated that there is overwhelming popularity today with the idea of working from home. Canadians are looking for a bit of a balance, and that might mean wanting a hybrid working situation with some days in the office and some at home.

If asked to return to work many Canadians would consider a job change.

This is what previous surveys have indicated is the current feeling right now with those working in Canada.

Already we see that a growing number of businesses are making that transition to having their employees work from home as a permanent one. Or we see that they are bringing in hybrid options.

Wanting more money is another reason people will go looking elsewhere. The pandemic highlighted financial stress and weakness for millions and if employees don’t feel financially appreciated then why won’t they go looking for better.

Overall, these surveys indicate that mental health and personal well-being are driving this preference of people wanting to be able to work from home.

Finding A Balance With Work

Even for those who might be working from home it doesn’t mean they are working any less. In fact some say that they are working more and struggling to find that home and work balance, with the lines between them becoming blurred.

This can easily fuel a feeling of being overwhelmed and like one might never stop working if they find themselves working at home all hours of the day and night.

As we saw the tide shift and millions start working from home we also discovered that for many they enjoyed this change. Now they are also looking for more of it even after the pandemic is over.

As far as how productive working from home might be though it is clear that there might be some areas left that have room for improvement.

A majority of those workers who are working from home don’t feel like they have the proper set up to do their work effectively. Some might be less productive in those current home working spaces because of it.

On the whole though we see that many are enjoying this transition and now if they are asked to return to the office it might mean cutting ties and going elsewhere for good.

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