A New Reopening Plan Expected to Be Announced This Week

A new B.C. reopening plan is expected to be announced this week. The government is reportedly going to be releasing new details on their plan that many are anticipating after recently travel restrictions went into place for B.C. up until the May long weekend.

It is expected that soon these pandemic restrictions will be eased and once again we will be able to meet for indoor gatherings, outdoor gatherings in larger groups, and indoor dining, and more. The details are expected to be announced tomorrow sometime around 1 p.m.

Vaccination rates have quickly been growing in B.C. and around the country. Optimism is growing quickly for a better summer and a new normal coming soon. Still, there are real concerns about a potential 4th wave that might change things.

For businesses around B.C. many are still struggling to make it through up until now. There are some who might not be able to take much more before they will be closed for good.

There are more than 2 million in B.C. who have received at least 1 dose so far and there is hope that B.C. might pass 80% vaccination rate for the adult population by June.

Photo by Julia Kuzenkov on Pexels.com

Cases continue to drop and if that remains unchanged then we can expect those restrictions to slowly be eased and we can get back to that new normal they’ve been saying is coming for months now.

Some restaurants are already getting ready for the changes, despite no clear map that has been set yet for that path back to normal.

Travel restrictions so far in B.C. have meant that a number of tickets have been given out to those traveling outside of their permitted zones. Those in B.C. are still encouraged to social distance and avoid non-essential travel outside of those travel zones.

Restaurants around the province have been closed for weeks now and they are struggling greatly, despite the makeshift patios that they have been able to set up to help a little bit.

Those restaurants that are still open cannot make it for much longer without that indoor dining. Once it comes back and those restrictions are lifted we can expect that businesses will see a lot of summer traffic around the province. Many are ready to get out and to enjoy their summer this year and to make the most of it, whatever that might look like.

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