Things to Do in Vancouver in the Summer

Vancouver has a variety of activities to do throughout the year and many opportunities to get out onto the water or have some fun down at the beach. If you are interested in finding a boat rental in Vancouver then you will find that you have several choices.

You could charter a yacht, hire an experienced captain to take you on an adventure for the day, or you could rent a boat for yourself and your own group.

There are even BBQ boat rentals that bring you a grill-equipped boat to experience some Vancouver waterfront dining. Those BBQ boats also don’t require any boating license to rent them either and they are a very unique experience when you want to have fun in Vancouver for the summer and do a little sailing.

Aside from BBQ boat rentals in Vancouver you can also find water bike rentals too. Those can be found located at the entrance of Granville Island in Vancouver and they offer a more affordable option instead of a full boat rental.

Renting A Boat in Vancouver:

When you rent a boat in Vancouver it gives you a chance to see B.C. and the Vancouver area from a different perspective. You can get out onto the water and get close to the wildlife and see the shoreline, the city skyline, and more.

You are going to get impressive Vancouver views and you get to see the best of the region.

Get to travel around Deep Cove, Lighthouse Park, Indian Arm, Stanley Park, English Bay, Coal Harbour, the Lions Gate Bridge, and other popular Vancouver spots.

You can take popular routes or make up your own when looking to rent a boat in Vancouver and get out onto the water for the day.

Granville Island Boat Rentals

What is great about Granville Island Boat Rentals is that you get a free one day boating license that comes with every boat rental. This means that you yourself do not have to have the boat license first because you can get one with the boat rental.

The Granville Island Boat Rentals operations has great rates and a variety of boats to choose form, 16 foot, 17 foot, 21 foot, 19 foot etc. Prices can range anywhere from $45 per hour if you are doing several hours at a time, to around $25 an hour or more.

Granville Island Boat Rentals is a boating operations in Vancouver that has been in business for decades now, serving those looking for boat rentals for more than 30 years. They offer safe, modern, and efficient boating rentals when you want to get out on the water and explore the area. They are located right downtown on Granville Island.

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Aside from boat rentals in Vancouver there are many other things to do during summer. A variety of great restaurants can be found around Vancouver and right on Granville Island. After your boating experience you could stop into one of those restaurants for some waterfront dining and fantastic fresh seafood, among other dining options.

There is even a hotel nearby if you want to stay the night, the Granville Island Hotel, but you aren’t far from many other great hotel options in Vancouver too.

This summer exploring Granville Island is a great way to see the best of Vancouver and whether that’s having dinner at a waterfront restaurant, hiking Grouse Mountain, exploring the beautiful VanDusen Gardens, or renting a boat for a few hours, there are many ways to make the most out of it.

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