RV Vacations Making A Comeback In A Big Way

In 2020 we saw that many people sought to rent campers and RVs because they wanted to still get out and have a vacation but stay distanced and do their own thing.

“Covid Campers” became all the rage as retailers offering motor home rentals and trailer rentals quickly ran out as the demand climbed.

RV sales smashed records last year and sellers in a variety of places quickly ran out of supply. Those in the business could not have anticipated what they were going to witness unfold for this market. Some didn’t think that the travel demand was going to be as strong as it was.

Those trailers and campers offered people a chance to get away but still stay distanced and that’s why they saw a surge in popularity.

Around the U.S. and Canada we saw that there was an incredible demand for RV sales and rentals, for trailers and campers too.

Dealers in this space saw a large portion of first time buyers coming in, the same for the boat market too.

They were looking for everything, from hard-walled pop-up trailers to the 40 foot destination trailers and other options in-between. It was a diverse crowd too, both young and old customers coming in and looking to get out and get onto the road.

There are a decent portion of folks who have never experienced a camper or RV vacation and those that do often report saying that they would be open to doing it again because they enjoyed it so much.

When traveling with a group or family, pets, it can be a cost-effective, safe, and fun travel solution. In recent years there have also been options coming up for peer-to-peer rentals too.

Where Can You Rent An RV?

There are many places around Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere if you are looking to rent an RV or a trailer for a vacation. Some of those companies that have come into the market are one like the Canadian Wheel Estate, Outdoorsy in the U.S., and now Camping World has also recently announced they are looking to do the same.

Camping World recently announced a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace and this is a great chance for many others to get into the market.

Not everyone can buy their own camper, trailer, or RV etc, and there are several reasons why.

From costs of purchasing upfront, to the upkeep costs, to where they are going to store the camper, there are many considerations involved. The new RV rental trend though is giving those who do already own an extra chance to earn some money from their trailer or RV.

Peer To Peer RV Rentals

For many individuals or families who own an RV or camper they are not going to use it that often throughout the year. They might get a few weeks in, but most of the time through the year it will be parked and no one will be using it.

Now there are other options though, they could place that camper up on a site and rent it out when they want. This is a great way to make an extra stream of income from it and thousands of owners have taken up the opportunity to do it.

We do peer to peer rentals for cars, boats, pools, so why not RVs and campers too? It’s working and the market is growing.

There is a serious RV rental boom that has been going on since last year and we might see the same this year for summer too.

Renting an RV doesn’t have to be as costly as you might think. Especially with peer to peer rental options.

For the RV rental market you find that there are a wide variety of sizes and price options and this can be a great getaway choice when traveling with a group or looking for a family vacation somewhere.

In some circumstances this can also be the more cost-effective option when you are looking to travel. If you are going with several people together and can split the cost then it can be cheaper depending on where you are going etc. It is a fun new way to seek out adventure and make some new memories with family and friends.

When you want to have your own little hotel on wheels then why not rent your own RV for a special vacation. There are a variety of price options so it might not be as expensive to do it as you would think it would be.

B.C. is expecting to see a booming camping year this year again and that means many RV parks are going to be filling up quickly. If we see more pandemic restrictions lifted then that is only going to accelerate that trend.

B.C. is one of the most beautiful provinces to explore and plan a trip with a trailer, camper, RV, or just camping with a tent and going on your own road trip. There are a large number of areas to search for camping spaces if you want to rent a spot for your RV or trailer this summer.

If you don’t have an RV or trailer and want to rent one there are also several options for that as well, along with peer-to-peer solutions.

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