Vancouver Outdoor Pools Opening This Weekend

Starting this weekend pools around Vancouver are going to be open again. The Vancouver Park Board has announced that on May 22nd the outdoor pools in the New Brighton area, at Second Beach, and in Kitsilano, are going to be open once again.

Through the pandemic we have seen a number of community parks and pool spaces come to a close. B.C. has also been dealing with the current travel restrictions as well. They are expected to be easing those travel restrictions soon and we might see a much more normal summer this year than we saw last year.

Easing of COVID-19 Restrictions: Getting Back to Normal in B.C. This Summer

Thousands of people around Vancouver will visit these pools for the summer and it is great that they are opening to the public once again now.

If you are ready to beat the heat and get out to find a great pool area then checking out those in Kits, and other Vancouver regions, are the best places to start.

Photo by Juan Salamanca on Pexels.com

Public swimmers are able to book a 90-minute swim block

If you are looking to go for a swim at one of those pools then you can look into booking a swim during a certain swim block of 90 minutes. Length swimmers are able to book a shorter swim for 45 minutes at the pools in Vancouver.

Between the swim periods they will be sanitizing the facilities and preparing for the next group to come in for their swim.

Bring Your Own To The Pool

People who are looking to go swimming need to arrive ready to swim because the change rooms are not going to be open, though there will be washrooms available. You will not be able to rent any goggles or swimming towels, bring your own to the pool.

The pools will be operating with limited capacity and there will be physical distancing enforced. There are also swimming areas at the beaches in Vancouver too. You can find those swimming areas near the beach at areas like Locarno, Jericho, Spanish Banks East and West, Trout Lake, English Bay, and other areas.

The weather is already getting warmer here and when you are looking for a cool dip then it will be nice to know that these locations are going to be open for summer once again.

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