Alcohol in Parks Now Permitted in New Westminster

You can now bring your alcohol with you to a number of parks in New Westminster, B.C. and other cities around the province. These are recent changes that are being made to allow people to be able to get out to the park and still have a drink while there.

There are several parks in New Westminster where you can take advantage of these new changes.

These park areas include:

  • Grimston Park
  • Hume Park
  • Moody Park
  • Port Royal Park
  • Queen’s Park
  • Sapperton Park
  • Westminster Pier Park
Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

There are designated approved liquor zones where you can go if you want to visit these parks and bring your drinks with you. At these parks you can also find garden spaces, picnic shelter areas, playgrounds, pools, bathrooms, and more.

Hume Park and Queens Park are among the bigger areas in New Westminster if you are looking for larger spaces to go out and enjoy the spring or summer weather.

for those age 19+

There is also a pool to find near Hume Park and a lot of space to find an area for seating. Same with Queens Park, this is a very large area to explore the trails and go for a walk.

You can also find an area to settle down for a picnic for the day or play around with the kids or some friends.

Parks in New Westminster

If you want to plan a visit to the park and want to be able to drink then you will need to be at the certain designated areas in those parks in order to do it.

Drinking in New Westminster Parks: 11 a.m. to dusk, 7 days a week.

New Westminster is just one more region in B.C. that is experimenting with this change and making moves to allow people in the city to be able to enjoy a drink at the park now.

So far various jurisdictions have had positive experiences with the changes that they have made in B.C. to allowing drinking in some parks.

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