Great Beach Spot In Port Moody: Old Orchard Park

Toward the northern end of Shoreline Trail you are going to find a great beach spot known as Old Orchard Park.

This is a beautiful space in Port Moody that offers beach views, you can go right down to the water, and there are benches perfect for having a picnic. The Old Orchard Park in Port moody is one of the best park spaces in the city if you are looking for beach access and a beautiful area to spend on a warm spring or summer day.

It might be a smaller area than some of the other popular destinations but the views are just as good.

Old Orchard Park

Pack up some snacks if you want to stay for awhile. Looking to get comfortable then you might also want to bring some fold up chairs and grab a spot by the water to watch the sun go down. There are some benches around to find though but they could fill up quickly when it is nice out.

You get great views of the water and will often see many boats going by. At Old Orchard Park there is plenty of space to walk around and find your own little area here at Old Orchard Park in Port Moody.

In B.C. you will find hundreds of great park spaces and plenty of beach access here on the West Coast. You have your pick of great spaces during summer to set up for the day and have a picnic.

In Port Moody you might not want to travel all the way down to English Bay for the day and there are spaces nearby that are just as nice.

If you want to enjoy being near the water, feeling the sand in your feet, having a nice picnic for the day and watching the boats go by, check out Old Orchard Park in Port Moody then.

This park space is one of the best in Port Moody and offers beautiful breathtaking views of the water.

Bring a bottle of water and grab a spot down by the shore, or go for a walk along the trails nearby, this is one place that you might want to plan staying at for awhile.

Looking for Parking?

There is some parking space here near the Hall and the Old Orchard Parking Lots nearby as well. Depending on what the weather is like and what day it is then you might see this space fill up quickly. This means getting here early might be the best bet to secure your spot.

You might find something along a nearby road once the parking lot closer to the park fills up. There are also other options such as public transportation which is only minutes up the road.

Peace & Quiet

This isn’t only a space with great beach access so you can get down by the water but it is also an area that is around lots of trails too for hiking or walking, you will see some on bikes etc.

When you want to see the beauty of Port Moody then you can easily see that here at Old Orchard Park. This is a stunning beach park area that wraps around the water giving you those stunning views.

This area is only about a 4 minute drive from the Newport Village area in Port Moody.

Looking to take public transportation is easy because the 150 and the 181 go near the local bus stop up the road that is close to the Old Orchard Park in Port Moody.

You might already be on your way to Anmore for the day or Belcarra Regional Park, maybe you are headed up again to Buntzen Lake in Port Moody, but this is another little spot along the way that you might want to familiarize yourself with. Port Moody, B.C. has many beautiful parks, lake areas, and other spaces to discover.

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