Dozens of Homeless in Vancouver Told to Vacate Camper Vans by May 26

A number of people who are currently living in RVs and camper vans in the area of East 12th Ave and Slocan Street have been told to leave or face eviction in a few days on May 26 2021.

The City of Vancouver has already told the homeless community who are living in these vans and cars to leave the area which is where they’ve reportedly been living for at least 2 years now.

It’s alleged that they are not willing to leave yet until they can be offered housing, somewhere to go to after leaving that current spot. But in Vancouver there is a housing crisis right now and not an abundance of affordable housing to go around.

It’s also prohibited for people who have no other options to be able to live in those types of camper vans in most areas around the city. Overnight parking is restricted and large RVs are expected to keep moving every few hours.

It isn’t an ideal option for many but for some it is all they have got.

Some of those RV residents are allegedly calling for affordable housing solutions that match welfare and pension rates, permanent solutions that they can move to.

It isn’t their goal to be displaced and go through that experience on multiple occasions either and it has been difficult for them to find a safe place to settle.

Around the province we have seen authorities give notice on one occasion or another to homeless communities who have set up tent cities or been living in camper vans etc.

Many in the province who are struggling to keep their roof over their head might just be one emergency away, one accident, one job loss etc, from losing their own home and ending up on the street.

The cost of living here in the Metro Vancouver area is among the highest in the world and many individuals and families struggle because of it just to afford the basics to get by.

A number of those camper vans might not be running or insured and so there is more than just the amount of time they might be spending on the street that’s a problem for the city. They are facing eviction right now as of May 26 in a few days from now.

It’s reported that there are resources and outreach workers connecting with the community. They are hoping to try and bring some of those individuals into contact with links to income, housing, and other transition support.

If they don’t show signs of working to get moving though it sounds like they will be facing a physical eviction in the way of being ticketed and getting their vehicle towed. For anyone that can find a legal space to park on private property the city is allegedly going to be offering free towing.

This year the City of Vancouver decided that they were going to cancel conducting the annual homeless count for 2021 because of the pandemic. The traditional count wasn’t possible to carry out but they will reportedly be looking at alternative data to assess the situation for this year in the city.

Last year it was estimated that some 2,095 people or more in Vancouver were experiencing homelessness.

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  1. This is very sad. Our administrations should offer housing or arrangements for every citizen. To not do so is just uncivilised. It’s 2021 and time that we grew up and evolved properly.


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