Chicken Sandwich Wars: New Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Who has the best in chicken sandwiches? Burger King has recently entered the chicken sandwich wars with their own new Ch’King in the U.S. markets and they also have got a great new Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich selling in Canada right now as well. The new Burger King Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich is joining in on the chicken sandwich wars.

Fast food chicken sandwiches are more popular than ever and whether you are getting one from Burger King, McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Arby’s, Popeyes, or another venue, there are many great options to consider.

Canadians love chicken sandwiches and millions of dollars in chicken sandwiches gets sold each year around the country.

Crispy, crunchy, spicy, you can find different variations in sauce and spice when looking for a great chicken sandwich.

You might wonder which fast food places have some of the best chicken sandwiches and right now there is a lot of buzz going on around the new Burger King offerings.

Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Burger King

But the Ch’King isn’t here in Canada for now, though you can get the Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich if you’re craving something crispy with a kick.

As someone who really loves a little spice I didn’t find the sandwich to be that spicy. It was juicy, crispy, fresh, great flavor, perfect bun choice, right amount of pickles, and an all around good spicy sandwich.

The Burger King Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich comes with pickles, mayo, with a potato bun. You can see that the chicken sandwich is drenched in a good amount of sauce and fully covered.

Lift the bun and you can see the pickles and the mayo, decent pickle coverage and good amount of sauce on the chicken. A great spicy chicken option when you want fast food and good crispy chicken.

The Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich is a new offering from Burger King in Canada.

They are likely to be selling a lot of these because of hot great they taste. Everything you want in a good crispy chicken sandwich, juice and crispy with the right amount of spice.

Ordering for delivery is also easy because you can access Burger King on third party delivery apps like Skip The Dishes in the Lower Mainland. If you are looking for something new, something on the chicken menu, take a look at the Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich for a lunch or dinner meal.

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  1. It is unlikely I’ll ever be able to visit Canada again, much as I would love to visit BC (further than Pouce Coupe) but this is certainly an enticing idea in a culinary sense. Do you have peri-peri there? Far better and spicier. I have to say the chips (fries) look a bit greasy for me but what can you expect from BK where the short-order “chef” is an 18 year old student trying to make a $?

    Thanks as always for keeping me in touch with a place I am probably never going to be able to visit.

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