CBD Companies in Canada That Are Worth Knowing About

There are a variety of CBD companies in Canada right now that are offering high quality products including topical creams, oils, capsules, vapes, bath oil, bath bombs, bath salts, body cream, and other options.

By using ingredients like non-GMO 100% natural industrial hemp these companies are able to offer a wide range of CBD products today to those in Canada.

A growing number of people in recent years have been looking for what CBD might have to offer them and that market is growing significantly here in Canada as it is in other regions.

Photo by Laryssa Suaid on Pexels.com

Calyx Wellness

Calyx Wellness is a Canadian CBD company that managed to be the first Canadian retail boutique in the space who was providing hemp-extracted CBD isolate. Today on their menu you can find a variety of CBD products that they’re offering. Check out their CBD bath bombs, CBD calm spray, smooth CBD lotion, pet products, and other CBD items.

Birch + Fog

Another Canadian company, Birch + Fog, is also big option in the CBD space and it is one that brings everything from bath options to edibles, body oils, sprays, and more. They have one of the best menus in Canada when looking for edible and other CBD options.

Not only can you find their own branded products on the site being sold but they also carry other CBD brands as well. These are CBD companies in Canada that have already built trusted and established brands and we are just getting started overall, as there is more room to grow yet in the CBD space.


Another company offering quality plant based wellness products in the CBD space includes Delush, a B.C. CBD company. In their product line you can find their ‘Magic Stick’ which is a CBD balm stick, as well as bath salts or ‘Magic Soak’, bath bombs, whipped soap scrub, whipped body butter, hemp body lotion, tincture CBD options, and more.

You can find vapes, CBD products for pets, edibles, chocolate, gummies, capsules, a growing variety of bath products, and so much more when you want to find something CBD related in Canada today.

These Candian CBD companies allow you to order quality CBD items online and get them shipped conveniently without ever having to leave your house.

These are a few of the Canadian CBD cannabis companies that I have had the pleasure of ordering from and trying their products. When you are looking for quality CBD items in the beauty space and self-care arena, such as bath bombs, CBD headache rollers, vapes, and body sprays or lotions, then I would go to these places first.

Shop Canadian For CBD

When looking for Canadian wellness CBD products today you will not run out of options there is a growing variety in the Canadian market for all things CBD.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

Why do people take CBD? There are a variety of reasons but increasingly it is seen that individuals today are incorporating CBD into their self-care routines at an increasing rate. CBD has never been more popular than it is today and that has its downsides as well, such as a concern for quality in the market.

Are you really getting what they say you’re getting? Trying to answer that might mean looking for those CBD companies that are lab tested and can offer that reassurance.

Not only in Canada but in other places like the U.S. too we see that the CBD marketing is essentially exploding because of the surge in interest people have for CBD products.

It was only a few years ago when you hardly even heard the word, you couldn’t find any CBD products on the market, but today that has drastically changed.

Today CBD is everywhere and for Canadians who are looking for CBD options to shop with we already have a great variety.

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