Is Point Roberts The Perfect Place to Test Easing Travel Restrictions?

At the southernmost tip of the Tsawwassen area in B.S. you are going to find Point Roberts, Washington. You can reach the area by traveling through Canada.

This is an interesting place to live that is located around 25 miles south of the Vancouver area.

Point Roberts is a region with a population of less than 2,000 and since the pandemic it has become a ghost town.

Hundreds of residents have left Point Roberts and they’ve lost more than 80% of their businesses.

As well, during the pandemic some residents have been unable to check on their property spaces too when the border closed down. For months they were left wondering when they might be able to access their property again.

They’ve been seeing no traffic, no business, it became a ghost town like others near the border such as Blaine, Washington.

As we get closer to the idea of reopening the border, the Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce is proposing a new plan, that they be the test location for easing those travel restrictions.

Testing Spot for a reopening of the border

Point Roberts could become the first port of entry to welcome travelers again and the reason? The high prevalence rate of vaccination in the region.

They are far ahead of Canada, at around 80% now who have been vaccinated already.

This is the reason that they might make the perfect spot for that test. Point Roberts relies on the tourism and cross-border travel and since the border has been closed for over a year it has devastated the region and other areas.

They have reportedly seen more than a 90% decline in their economy and business has plummeted, they might not be able to last another summer and make it until next year.

For now though it isn’t decided when the border might reopen.

There are businesses on either side, as well as families and individuals etc, who are left waiting for that freedom again to plan those trips and explore communities nearby. Businesses are in need of that support again and are still suffering now, with more who might be unable to make it if they cannot reopen soon.

The border closure has been extended but officials say that they are working toward a reopening at some point. Point Roberts is just one region that is significantly dependent on Canada, as is Blaine too, and when the border closed that meant big changes for the region.

Those businesses have been trying to stay in operation for the local community too but it has proven difficult to say the least. The sooner that the border can reopen and things get back to normal the better off it will be for them so long as cases don’t rise.

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