Babes in the Woods: Police Still Searching For Justice 70 Years Later

The bodies of two brothers were found back on Jan 14 1953, aged 7 and 8 and discovered under a fur coat in Stanley Park, Vancouver. The case became known as the Babes in the Woods murders and to this day has still never been solved.

Police are now working with forensic genetic genealogists from Massachusetts in the hope that DNA might help to solve the murders. They’ve been baffled over the case for decades and 70 years later there is still no justice in the case.

Authorities in B.C. are now hoping that DNA technology will be the key that can solve the Babes in the Woods murder of those two brothers.

To this day there aren’t any suspects that have been identified.

As a part of the investigation efforts they will be entering the DNA from the boys into a public genealogical database and looking to identify living relatives that might match. It could help to uncover those who might be related to the victims.

Cold Case: The Babes in the Woods Murders

Back in 1953 it is reported that a groundskeeper in Stanley Park had found the remains and also discovered a woman’s shoe, and other items like a picnic basket. It’s also reported that it was a woman’s fur coat that they were found under in the park.

This is one of Vancouver’s oldest cold cases and DNA technology could be the key to help uncover some information that helps to solve the case.

A hatchet was discovered back alongside the remains in Stanley Park in 1953 and it is believed that it might have been used to attack the boys. It is believed that they were also killed several years before their bodies had been discovered.

When the groundskeeper in Stanley Park had discovered it’s alleged that the two boys were already decomposed and had showed signs of trauma as well.

They do not know the clear identity of the boys still all these years later. They also do not know why those boys might have been in that region of Vancouver or exactly who was responsible for taking their lives.

Genealogical testing through private companies like GEDmatch and FamilyTreeDNA might be able to help and now authorities are going to give it a try because it might help bring up some new valuable leads in the babes in the Woods murders cold case.

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