Almost 50% of Canadian Adults Have Had One Shot

According to COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker data there are more than 19 million doses that have been administered across Canada. This means that almost 50% of the population has received at least their first dose for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Today it is 46.406% of the population in Canada that has had at least one dose so far.

There are thousands more each day that are being added and soon it is expected that we will surpass that 50% mark if we haven’t already.

There are still travel restrictions in place in B.C. until the May long weekend and might be extended after that. They go along with a variety of COVID-19 related restrictions that are still in place, indoor dining still restricted, along with indoor religious services, and other activities.

When will we get back to normal?

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Cruise ships aren’t expected to start coming back to Canadian ports until next year, and the border is still closed for non-essential travel as well. It has been closed for longer than one year now and that has had a devastating impact for many businesses on either side.

One of those towns, Blaine, Washington, has been especially hard hit by the pandemic. Overnight they essentially turned into a ghost town when Canadians could no longer travel down to do their shopping or check their mail.

Right now it is estimated that about 60% of the U.S. population has had their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

At first Canada was far behind the U.S. in their vaccination rates but they are catching up quickly now. It’s estimated that they are vaccinating around 0.88 per cent of the population on a daily basis and will soon surpass the U.S. in first dose prevalence.

As cases continue to go down in B.C. we can only wonder when we might see restrictions eased and things go back to normal. Many businesses are still struggling and waiting to open for business as usual, like they did prior to the pandemic.

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Surveys have shown that many Canadians are strongly in favor of getting their vaccine, as well as requiring proof for travel as well. But there are also others on the opposite side of the spectrum too, who are set against it.

There are thousands of Canadians who have protested the mask mandates and other pandemic restrictions we have seen introduced in the last year either online or in the streets.

A majority of Canadians plan to get vaccinated

There is a lot of misinformation still floating out there and a great deal of hesitancy for the vaccine in Canada, the U.S., and elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean that millions are still not eager to get it as we have already seen in Canada and other countries.

Previous surveys have shown that only about 1 in 4 Canadians have some hesitancy about it. Other polls find at least 80% or more of Canadians are planning on getting their vaccine at some point if they haven’t already.

The sooner we get to higher prevalence of vaccination then the sooner we will also see restrictions lifted as that goes along with cases decreasing.

It’s expected that by the time we reach 75% of Canadian adults having one dose or 20% being fully vaccinated that we will see those public restrictions start to be lifted in B.C. and elsewhere.

Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com

It is expected that practically all Canadians will have access to at least one vaccine dose by June and in the coming weeks we might see more changes to those COVID-19 restrictions.

Right now though Canadians are still being encouraged to avoid those indoor gatherings and stick with their same groups and immediate family until more are vaccinated in the country.

The reopening in B.C. cannot come soon enough for many small businesses that are still struggling since the pandemic shut everything down and changed our lives last year.

For now, officials say that it is too early to do away with the public health measures.

Health authorities in Canada do not want to make the mistake of opening up only to see a rise in cases in hospitals around the province and country again.

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Some big events have already been cancelled this year, like the PNE, but there are others that plan to go on like the Richmond Night Market 2021 and more.

A 2021 Reopening Coming Soon?

If those cases continue to decline and the vaccination rates rise quickly as they have been then it might not be that much longer until we start moving back in the other direction.

For those who have been partially vaccinated in Canada, health authorities have suggested that they still practice social distancing for now and wear their masks in public.

Just recently B.C. authorities have had to stop thousands of vehicles in the province at road checks, that were set up for enforcing pandemic travel restrictions. Right now those in B.C. are still expected to adhere to the travel restrictions that are in place for non-essential travel in B.C. and other COVID-19 restrictions as well that haven’t been lifted yet.

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