No Changes Yet to Travel Restrictions in B.C.

The travel restrictions that were recently imposed in B.C. are not going to be changed just yet. The province just recorded 1,360 new cases over the weekend and they don’t want to open things up too soon if that means seeing a jump again in COVID numbers.

Officials are operating on the safe side and unfortunately for those who are eager for a reopening that might mean waiting a few more weeks before things can return to normal in the province.

Some changes surrounding those travel restrictions and other COVID restrictions however might be updated later this week, if things continue to go well.

A New Normal in B.C. By Summer?

Over the weekend recently police in B.C. had stopped over 2,000 vehicles at various COVID-19 checkpoints around the province, looking to enforce those COVID-19 restrictions and travel and make sure that people were only traveling for essential purposes.

During the first weekend of those restrictions it was reported that they had seen no tickets issued and officials seemed encouraged that overall people were getting the message to stay close to home.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

There are already signs set up around the province that are alerting travelers about the upcoming road checks and there are areas for safe U-turn routes if people aren’t traveling for essential purposes and need to turn around.

No one in the province is supposed to stumble upon those checkpoints by surprise.

The system has been designed so that travelers should be well aware of the upcoming roadblocks and what is happening. There are signs that are also placed on highways that allow people to turn around which gives them that extra opportunity before reaching the roadblock.

During the first weekend of those travel restrictions they saw no tickets given out and the number has certainly jumped since then. The weather is getting nicer and people want to get out with their friends and family and enjoy beaches, parks, and other areas around the province.

But officials are still urging people to stay distanced and sacrifice still with these restrictions until we can reopen once again.

Photo by Shoval Zonnis on Pexels.com

Planning a Vacation in 2021

Right now travel agencies are seeing a boom in business not just in Canada. Vaccination rates are climbing in the province and around the country and that means more are getting comfortable with going out.

Anticipation for that B.C. reopening is growing and that means people are thinking about and planning trips for the future.

News reports suggest that travel agencies in the region are already seeing the uptick in demand, ever since people started to get vaccinated. Many people have been eager to travel since the border has been closed for more than one year to non-essential travel now. They want to get around, move, get out of their home, and have something like a vacation to look forward to.

Once those restrictions are lifted we can anticipate that many will take advantage of that reopening and chance to get out again and make the most out of it. The travel industry is expected to come screaming back once people feel comfortable again traveling and making those vacation arrangements. Borders in a number of regions also need to reopen still for non-essential travel.

Tourism in Canada brought in more than $39 billion in 2019

Until those restrictions are lifted there are many businesses that are left suffering.

When tourism slows down around the world that brings economics to a halt with them, the tourism industry today is responsible for bringing billions to countries worldwide today.

Cafes, shops, car services, hotels, gift shops, bike rentals, nail shops, currency exchanges, there are many different businesses that suffer when those tourists don’t come in.

For now we can expect that these travel restrictions in B.C. are still going to be in place for a few days or weeks yet. But if cases continue to decline then we might see an easing of those COVID restrictions and get a better chance for a more normal summer this year.

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