The Taco Factory: Coming Back For The Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos? There are limited options available when looking for good tacos in the Metro Vancouver area. When you want something fast, delicious, convenient that can be accessed through delivery etc, there are a few places that come to mind. One of those options is The Taco Factory.

The Taco Factory is in New Westminster and let me just tell you right now that they have some of the best tacos that I have tasted in B.C. so far. This is authentic and delicious Mexican food and I would suggest going with the chips and guacamole as a side to your tacos when you order. The chips were delicious and the guacamole was good but the serving size could’ve been a little bit bigger.

Here at The Taco Factory in New Westminster you will find good Mexican dishes that are comfortable favorites like tacos, tortas, tostadas, burritos, quesadilla, enchiladas, and more. Nachos, pico de gallo, and their guac and chips are reason enough to go there.

For the tacos you get 3 in an order, as you can see above, and you can choose from the flank steak like you see here, the grilled chicken, slow roasted chicken, pulled pork, chunks of lamb, Mexican sausage, or pork that has been marinated with onion and pineapple.

Try the Carnitas Tacos – Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Tacos

The tacos come with a decent order of fries and a side of sauce to go with it.

The Taco Factory is Delicious!

You might find them to be a new favorite, if you love Mexican food, and that might mean you find yourself ordering from them again and again. Ordering through a delivery app like Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats makes it a lot easier, you can get the same great food and never need to leave the house.

Indoor dining is restricted in B.C. right now and what better way to support small food businesses then order for takeout or delivery and The Taco Factory is a great small business to support.

Looking for Mexican food in New Westminster?

Even if you aren’t located in New Westminster you can still order from The Taco Factory and based on your location you still might be able to get it delivered if you are in Burnaby, Coquitlam, or somewhere nearby.

Next time you want taco night and want to skip the cooking and the dishes then look to order out from The Taco Factory because they make some truly delicious tacos.

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