Good Seafood Near the Beach From Seahorse Grill

If you want some great seafood for dinner and want to be somewhere near the beach then head on over to Seahorse Grill for a dinner date. The Seahorse Grill is located in Surrey, near Crescent Beach and there are many great places nearby to take your food and enjoy.

Right now Seahorse Grill is open for dine-in, as well as takeaway too, and they’ve got some delicious seafood options on the menu. The Seahorse Grill is open for dinner between 5-10pm and is the perfect beach location to grab some seafood when you are hungry.

Try their ricotta herb ravioli & prawns, pear salad, or the lobster pot pie.

The food here is fresh, tastes delicious, and they bring you a mixture of international flavors with some seafood classics.

This is a comfortable atmosphere that is perfect for that relaxed seafood dinner by the beach when the sun goes down on a hot day. When the weather gets nice and you are looking for a good seafood restaurant in Surrey then plan a visit to the Seahorse Grill for a meal.

The Seahorse Grill is the perfect restaurant near Crescent Beach to plan for a date night or go with a friend, enjoy some seafood and then go for a walk along the beach and watch the sunset.

The Seahorse Grill is located on 12147 Sullivan Street in Surrey and there is plenty of parking in the area, it’s just a matter of finding an empty spot when things get busy.

On a nice summer day it can easily fill up and many of the streets can become full with cars and limited parking spaces to find. If you want to get a good spot then you should get there early.

A Perfect Seafood Dinner by the Beach

As far as dinner plans go though the Seahorse Grill does not open until 5 at night, so that makes it great for a dinner plan.

On Sundays they have a great prime rib deal that comes with delicious Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, and sauteed spinach. If you want good food and good service then you will find it here.

This is a local favorite spot that comes up anytime you think fresh seafood and beach atmosphere. This is easily one of the best seafood restaurant spots for summer in Surrey.

If you are looking for a good seafood restaurant by the beach in Surrey then do not leave the Seahorse Grill off of your list.

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