Will the Richmond Night Market Be Open for 2021?

The Richmond Night Market is one of the most popular events that takes place over several months in the year. The Richmond Night Market typically goes well into the fall, lasting through the summer and until around October. This year the Richmond Night Market is still planning to put on an event this year but will have to reportedly postpone that event for now.

When is the Richmond Night Market 2021 happening? early July or August

Founded back in 2000 the Richmond Night Market is considered to be the largest night market in North America and is still going on today despite the difficulty that the pandemic brought last year.

Richmond Night Market 2021 Update:

Based on the vaccination progress that they see in B.C. and approval by the Public Health Orders they will have to adjust the opening plans, for now though they plan for a summer opening for the Richmond Night Market in B.C. That summer opening might come by July or August for the night market to finally open to the public.

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on Pexels.com

The Richmond Night Market has welcomed millions of visitors over the years that is has been held. There are a variety of delicious unique street food options and culinary surprises to discover when you shop the Richmond Night Market and many great deals to find. You never know what you might discover there.

The Richmond Night Market is a family-friendly event to attend and offers a socially-distanced opportunity to have some fun in the summer and experience something new.

Many different vendors have come through over the years and it is a great chance for locals and tourists alike to get out and do something new, to taste something new, and see what Richmond has to offer.

Hundreds of International Food Items

A visit to the Richmond Night Market 2021 means getting the chance to experience a wide variety of unique and new food items. There has also been nightly entertainment in the past and other shopping opportunities to be found at the night market too.

The Richmond Night Market over all these years now has effectively blossomed into an international attraction and brings more than 1 million visitors each year to the market.

Parking For The Richmond Night Market

Parking in the past has been free but is limited, and for anyone that wants to avoid the crowds and traffic it is always best to get there early. Public transportation options aren’t that far away and might be more convenient depending on when you want to come and how long you want to stay for.

Right now there are a variety of restrictions that are still in place because of the pandemic in B.C. and that might change in the coming months.

If cases continue to go down then we could see things open up more in the weeks and months ahead. This means also seeing the Richmond Night Market 2021 open eventually and if all goes to plan that should be by sometime in July or August.

B.C. Summer 2021 Events

We might get several weeks of the night market then if it goes into the fall. For those who are waiting to visit the Richmond Night Market 2021 they will be happy to know that things are not cancelled, they are just postponed for now.

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