Where to Find Korean BBQ in Surrey With A Patio

Looking for some delicious Korean BBQ in Surrey, B.C. and want to enjoy dining in a fantastic open patio space when the weather gets nice? Then head on over to the Woo Korean BBQ House in Surrey.

This Korean BBQ spot has a variety of delicious flavors and a great patio space to enjoy in the summer on a hot day. If you are looking for takeout options you could always pick-up your order too or order for delivery through a third party delivery app like Skip The Dishes.

On the menu with Woo Korean BBQ House in Surrey you are going to find dishes like

Haemul Pajeon (seafood pancake)

Sundubu-jjigae (tofu stew)

Mandu (korean dumplings)

Kimchi Jeon

Cheese Buldak

If you love Korean BBQ and want to find a great covered patio space in Surrey that is open right now then head over to Woo Korean BBQ House in Surrey and try their Korean BBQ out.

This is some of the best Korean BBQ that you are going to find in Surrey.

Either order for delivery or get it for takeout too, enjoy it at a local park or head over to the beach on a nice day.

There are many great places in Surrey to take your meal and enjoy outside. But if you are looking for a patio space to enjoy some good food and sit down with friends or family then check out the patio here at Woo Korean BBQ House in Surrey.

Where to find Korean Hot Pots in Surrey

Try their Korean Hot Pots like the Bulgogi Jeongol that has marinated beef that is cooked with vegetables, tofu, glass noodles, and comes with rice and three side dishes. They have vegetarian options on the menu here at Woo Korean BBQ House in Surrey too.

The Korean BBQ rice bowls here are really good, like their Bulgogi Deopbap and Jeyuk Deopbap, which is essentially a rice bowl that gets topped with meat and vegetables.

If you want a taste of Korean BBQ in Surrey and want to find a good patio restaurant in Surrey that has Korean BBQ then Woo Korean BBQ House in Surrey is available to try.

Order one of their dishes and take it on the patio when the weather gets nice to enjoy.

They have mouthwatering noodles to order, delicious hot pots to try, and a variety of meat options like seafood, chicken, pork, and beef.

The Woo Korean BBQ House also isn’t that far from several parks like the South Surrey Athletic Park, Ruth Johnson Park, and Sunnyside Park. You also aren’t that far from the beach in White Rock either.

A restaurant in Surrey with a patio

There are several restaurants to find in Surrey that have great patio spaces and if you are looking for some good Korean BBQ and a patio space then Woo Korean BBQ House is where you should go.

If you want to take your food to go there are also many other options nearby that would make for a great picnic space area.

You could take your food down to the beach which isn’t that far from Woo Korean BBQ House in Surrey. If you want to go down to the beach with your food then it is only going to be about a 20 minute drive depending on the traffic.

If you don’t want to leave then you can just skip the traffic and enjoy the patio space instead, stay in and enjoy a good meal with the outdoor patio space dining option at this Korean BBQ restaurant.

Indoor dining is restricted in B.C. right now but you can still be served outside on the patio space and so if you are looking for a patio space in Surrey and good food then this one makes the list.

Don’t miss an opportunity to try some of the great Korean BBQ being served at the Woo Korean BBQ House in Surrey when you get the chance.

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