Anti-Lockdown Protest Brings Out Hundreds to the Streets

Hundreds of people gathered this weekend in Victoria Park for an anti-lockdown protest that saw them march through the streets carrying signs and chanting. Ontario has suffered arguably more severe lockdown restrictions than in B.C. and there has been a variety of protests seen since last year because of the lockdown measures.

It was a diverse crowd that took to the streets, young and old pictured protesting the lockdown restrictions that are in place.

It is estimated that at least 500 people or more might have been in attendance. They marched through the downtown region over the weekend.

A variety of those protesters say that they are marching for freedom and for their rights not to be infringed, which they see being violated with the recurring lockdowns since the pandemic began.

The anti-lockdown protest in Ontario was in protest of the extended stay at home order that they have been facing in the province there.

B.C. has introduced its own measures for travel restrictions and other COVID-19 related restrictions to social activity, but we’ve arguably had a much better time than Ontario has had and other regions. Their lockdown has been more severe though they’ve faced an entirely different situation with the number of cases that they’ve seen. Their situation in Ontario though is unique and cannot be compared with B.C. too closely as far as how either one should handle it.

However, it is clear to see that people in Canada are growing tired of the lockdown restrictions and continued promise that better is yet to come. We’ve seen various demonstrations and protests unfold over the last year.

Since the pandemic began we have seen anti mask rallies, anti lockdown rallies, and anti vaccine protests across the country. A number of different businesses have also tried to defy public health orders and stay open when they were ordered to close as well.

Trust in Canadian leaders has been declining during the pandemic.

And while some polls show that many Canadians do support vaccines or might be in support of lockdown restrictions, there is also a noteworthy segment of the population that doesn’t.

There are millions of Canadians who are in support of those lockdown restrictions, curfews, and whatever measures officials might deem necessary in order to deal with the problem they say Canadians are faced with. As far as the various surveys have indicated, the support is more widespread across Canada it seems than the discontent with the rules and restrictions.

For now we are told in B.C. that if we sacrifice and keep up with those pandemic restrictions on travel and other activities that it will mean we might get a more normal summer. Vaccine campaigns have been ramping up around the province and the country and there are already millions in Canada who have received their first dose.

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  1. Same stuff here in Finland also. So tired of those people who doesn’t seem to understand that the situation requires hard power! We can’t always do what we want to do. We have also obligations, not only rights!These protesters behave like defiant children!


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