Amazon Expands In BC Creating Thousands of New Jobs

Amazon is seeing great success in British Columbia and has recently announced its plans to continue their investment in the province by creating at least 5 new buildings as a part of their network.

Those 5 buildings that they are looking to create include a new fulfillment center, sorting center, and several delivery stations.

Amazon is growing and wants to continue building their network in BC which will bring thousands of jobs to the local economy. It’s estimated that this expansion in BC might help to bring at least 2,000 new jobs to the province.

Today Amazon remains one of the province’s top employers which offers on the job training, upskilling, competitive benefits, and more.

Around British Columbia they will be looking to build these new sites in areas like Langley, Pitt Meadows, Delta, and Vancouver.

The new sort center that they are planning for the City of Langley is expected to bring hundreds of jobs. As well, the delivery station planned for Pitt Meadows is also going to create hundreds of jobs just the same.

Amazon already has thousands of individuals in the province employed with them and over the last decade they have invested billions of dollars into this region.

Amazon already employs more than 5,000 people in British Columbia and after they are done expanding these new facilities and hiring a larger team then that will bring them closer to almost 10k in the province.

During the pandemic Amazon says that they witnessed exponential growth with online sales for people around Canada, they are expanding to grow along with that demand.

Not only are they looking to hire more and building more facilities to meet demand but they have also invested millions into Canadian programs as well.

During the pandemic Amazon saw sales climb significantly and their profits topped the collective earnings that they had seen for several years prior.

Online shopping changed overnight with many new customers who had to suddenly get familiar and comfortable with this method of purchasing what they need.

At least 47 per cent of Canadians say that they have been doing more shopping online since the pandemic hit. Overall, Canadians were spending more time and more of their money online last year.

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