Searching For The Truth: Poster Campaign Launched for Trina Hunt

A new poster campaign has recently been launched with the mission to continue to spread awareness about the Trina Hunt investigation, and ask for anyone with information to contact authorities.

In the Hope area of B.C. the posters have been spread around the community and this is where remains were found this year which were later identified to be Trina Hunt. How did Trina Hunt make it from Port Moody to Hope? There are many questions that have been left unanswered and many supporters and loved ones who still do not know the truth about what took place.

Loved ones are hoping that anyone with information might come forward to help the investigation if they have something to share.

A search has been conducted but we still do not have any more answers as to what happened. This is still believed to be an active and ongoing investigation at this time.

Trina Hunt was reported missing by her husband earlier this year when he says he came home from work to find that she wasn’t at home. He allegedly last reported seeing her that morning on Jan 18th 2021 when he left for work.

The Trina Hunt case is a homicide investigation and remains ongoing.

The family of Trina Hunt, the Ibbott family, has expressed their gratitude to those in the community, many who have taken an interest in spreading awareness about this case. They’ve set up billboards in the Metro Vancouver area to show their appreciation.

We still don’t know who killed Trina Hunt.

There are many questions surrounding her disappearance and the family is left seeking justice for Trina Hunt still today.

It’s reported that her cellphone was at the home, her keys, wallet, car, but not Trina.

Her family shared some of Trina’s last text messages and movements before she is reported to have gone missing.

On the 15th of Jan 2021 it is reported that Trina was texting with a friend from Ontario and that they were setting up a meeting for virtual cocktails over the weekend.

On the 16th of Jan 2021 Trina allegedly got a text message from a coworker and there was no response from her.

A response to that text looks like it came through on the 17th of Jan and that response indicated that Trina was taking a digital detox that weekend and had not touched the phone.

Her family also insists that this was out of character for her to up and disappear. They also think the digital detox message was odd too and that it might not have been Trina herself.

Did those text messages come from Trina Hunt?

Her family also said that the husband allegedly told the family that he and Trina went to Hope only 2 days before she was reported missing. Hope is a long distance from their family home and this is the area where the remains just happened to be found.

The husband has reportedly taken a lie detector test and passed it. No charges have been laid yet and the investigation is still ongoing.

There might be someone in the Hope area who knows something about that weekend or has information about that time that could help and they are being encouraged to come forward.

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