After More than 90 Years Greyhound Canada Says Goodbye

After almost a century of service Greyhound Canada has decided to cut all of their bus routes and end operations effective today at midnight.

They will be cutting all of the remaining Greyhound Canada bus routes around the country and putting a stop to the intercity bus carrier’s operations after all these years of services to communities around Canada.

Bus routes with Greyhound Canada have already been declining, like when they stopped West Coast routes years back, and now they’ve finally had to decide to end services in Canada.

Greyhound has been serving millions of customers around Canada over the years and they are permanently shutting all of their bus operations in Canada down this week.

Greyhound Canada will no longer be offering domestic service

However, despite that Canadian closure though, its American affiliate will continue to operate cross-border routes in some regions as soon as the border opens once again.

The travel restrictions and pandemic have had a significant impact on Greyhound Canada and they have been struggling for years with regard to their ridership and this closure will deliver a blow to certain communities.

The currently remaining routes for Greyhound Canada that are in Ontario and Quebec will cease permanently May 13th at midnight.

Greyhound offered people around Canada an affordable transportation method, especially for those who wanted to travel long distances. This closure of Greyhound Canada takes that option out of the market and not everyone is going to be able to fill that void with something else, depending on what is available in their own region.

There are some concerns about the impact this might have on the standard of living for people living in the intercity and rural communities.

They’ve cited subsidized competition, deregulation, and declining ownership, as the reasons for the decision to finally suspend their operations. They say that this is one decision that was a tough one for them to make but after a year without revenue that they didn’t have much of a choice.

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