Standing Egg Coffee Cafe for Some Macarons and Coffee

Looking for some festive macarons to enjoy for yourself or gift to someone else? Then check out what Standing Egg Coffee cafe has in store. This cute little craft coffee cafe offers signature macarons and has some rustic interior design, as you can see from the pics.

Right now they are closed for indoor dining but you can still order for takeout.

Coffee & Macarons in Burnaby

At Standing Egg Coffee you will find a variety of coffee options and delicious pastries too. Right up front you can see various macarons, cute and unique designs that you often do not find in other places.

When you go looking for macarons around Vancouver it is easy to find great flavors but not often are you going to see cartoon designs and other unique designs for macarons like you see here at Standing Egg Coffee cafe in Burnaby.

You can choose to purchase one or several in a box at one time. Going with the bulk macaron order is going to make it easier to package in the box, fill it up with a variety. These are great macarons to gift for a birthday or Mother’s Day because of the high quality design they are made with as you can see. Who wouldn’t love to get a macaron like this? They are beautiful.

Above you can see the variety that they offer at Standing Egg Coffee in Burnaby for macarons. You have the mermaid theme macarons with the shell design, along with other cartoons, hearts, and other pastry options too.

There are a variety of cafes in Burnaby and around Vancouver if you are looking for some good coffee but not many if you are looking for the combo of great coffee and great macarons.

These macarons are the best designed macarons that I have seen hands down. And while they might not be my top favorite as far as taste goes for macarons, it’s clear that the design on them is high quality. If you are looking to gift someone some macarons then you might want to go with these ones because of how cute they are and you can tell a lot of effort went into the design.

Near the Hannam Supermarket you will see the plaza with many shops along North Road and the Standing Egg Coffee cafe in Burnaby is located in that plaza. It is on the lower level, right by the stairs as you can see from the pic above.

There are a couple of benches outside if you want to take your coffee and sweets to enjoy in the nice weather, and they also have a good indoor cafe space for when indoor dining restrictions in B.C. are lifted.

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