PNE Not Going to Open for Summer 2021

PNE has decided that they are not going to open for an in-person fair for summer 2021 citing that they have COVID-19 concerns.

Last year we saw that the PNE set up a drive-thru fair experience during the pandemic. The PNE drive-thru event saw a great deal of success. Many people took part and shared their experience to social media about what the PNE drive-thru was like.

They then offered the same sort of option with a WinterLights drive thru holiday experience too.

By doing the drive-thru people were still able to take part in a fun community event and stay distanced.

The PNE also gave access to their classic mini donuts which were offered as part of a PNE drive-thru event as well.

No PNE As Usual This Summer

There might be travel restrictions in B.C. right now, which could be extended, but there are still many ways to get out and enjoy summer.

Indoor dining is also restricted but many places have patios, you can still get outdoors to many of B.C. parks, go camping locally, or some have planned a staycation.

Staying close to home this summer can help to support those local businesses, hotels, restaurants, and others who need it.

Photo by Brayden Law on Pexels.com

Losing Business And Money

After the pandemic and the closures that the PNE faced last year and this year, they might allegedly be facing some financial troubles now. The City of Vancouver has indicated that the PNE could close if they cannot secure emergency funding from the province to help.

The PNE is looking to reportedly lose $15 million after the pandemic-related closures and needs millions of dollars in aid to help get through this difficult time.

It has been estimated that it could take at least 15 years for the exhibition to potentially eliminate all of the deficit and that this struggle could negatively impact their ability to plan or organize different PNE events too.

The PNE is one of the largest employers in the province, giving thousands of jobs to people through the year who take part in different events that get hosted. The pandemic has proven to be almost too much to handle though and the future of the PNE might not be so clear.

As for the summer 2021 and whether or not the PNE will be open the answer for now is that the PNE has been cancelled for an in-person fair for 2021. Planning a fair around all of the restrictions was too difficult and so this was the result.

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