Bringing The Plogging Fitness Trend to B.C.

One city official from Surrey, B.C. is trying to inspire people in the community to engage in more physical activity and thinks that maybe plogging might help bring some needed inspiration.

What is plogging?

Plogging is considered to be a Swedish fitness trend and it is an activity which combines jogging while also picking up trash.

People will be jogging around the community and bring their plogging bag with them to collect what they find. Not only are they getting more physically active but they are also doing some good in their community too by picking up trash. It might offer that extra boost of motivation that some need to get up and get going.

Plogging has gained popularity around the world today and you can find various articles that have been written about it and videos showing people doing it. Plogging has already made its way to the United States and maybe it is time we will see some plogging in B.C. as well.

The activity offers a combination of jogging and picking up trash and it has become a fitness craze that more people are getting involved in, there are still many who also haven’t even heard anything about this trend.

Plogging Has Been Dubbed the Eco-Friendly Fitness Trend

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People around the world are plogging and taking out the trash in their communities while they get out and get some exercise. Millions of people today spend a great deal of time living a sedentary lifestyle and many Canadians are not being very active.

Plogging is something fun that can inspire more people to get outdoors and get active while also helping to clean the community by inspiring more to pick up litter along the way.

From Mexico to India, the U.S., Sweden, and elsewhere, people have been plogging, sometimes thousands in one day together, working as one with a mission to gather a great deal of waste from their communities. Some might have already participated in plogging, getting out and active while picking up garbage, without even knowing it.

Plogging is something that can be done by the entire family, giving everyone a good reason to get out and explore their community while doing some good in more than one way.

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