Looking For Volunteers: Search Planned This Week For Abbotsford Man Who Went Missing on Fraser River

Damian Dutrisac was reportedly fishing on Friday near Chilliwack and was with a friend when their boat capsized. Search and rescue crews have been looking but they have not seen the 29 year old Abbotsford man since the incident.

Now, friends and family are planning a search for him on Wednesday.

Those with a boat, drone, or simply the time to dedicate, have been asked to help out in the search on Wednesday.

It has been reported that one of the fisherman did make it to shore after their boat capsized and had been picked up by a passing boat after waiting for an hour or hour and a half to be rescued. Authorities say that they completed thorough searches of the Fraser River and did not find Dutrisac.

Dutrisac was supposed to be getting married soon and a GoFundMe has been set up to help bring him home.

That GoFundMe has already raised almost $4,000 and for now the investigation remains ongoing.

On that GoFundMe they note that Damian Dutrisac could have become trapped in a potentially inaccessible spot along the Fraser River and they have asked people to keep their eye open in the area.

They are also asking volunteers to help get involved in the search on Wednesday in looking for him.

Dutrisac could be anywhere, they say, from Chilliwack to Mission and beyond that, and they are planning an extensive search to look for him on May 12th 2021.

Anyone who has time and is wanting to help is encouraged to take part in that search for Dutrisac.

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