Perfect Time to Adopt: Dog Abandonment On The Rise

Now that more people are going back to work from the lock down it means that a growing number of dogs are being abandoned. Some individuals who opted to take on a dog during the pandemic might not have spent much time thinking about what an investment that would be.

We have seen several videos go viral of people dumping their dogs off in parking lots, in parks, and forests.

Some dogs are also being abandoned because of their old age, being left at intersections, or in car parks.

Shelters are seeing a rise in dog surrenders to their venues and now is the perfect time for those who do have the ability and who do want to foster or adopt to go out and find their new family member. Help meet that growing need of pets who are looking for a home.

Some dog owners have already been charged with purposely abandoning their dogs, like one man in Masssachusetts who had reportedly been charged after he abandoned his 10 year old jack Russel.

Though we hear these stories happening around the U.S. right now there are also many animals who need a home in B.C. And with people returning to work slowly and possibly making the choice to give their pet to a shelter, the pressure on shelters might grow.

A number of pet owners have already dumped their pets off when they had to move because a great portion of rental properties in Vancouver and around the lower mainland prevent renters from having any pets.

Support Animals By Adopting a Kennel with SPCA

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

You don’t need to adopt a pet in order to help those shelters and other organizations that are addressing this problem of pets needing a home. You can also financially show your support as well, even adopt a kennel space, or donating a day of care for an animal in the shelter.

The SPCA gives you the chance to adopt a kennel for a cat or dog as well as adopt cat activity space or dog activity space. To help those animals get their needs met until they can get into their forever homes this is a great way to support animals in your community that need help.

How much does it cost to sponsor a kennel for a cat or dog with the SPCA?

$300/year for cats – $500/year for dog

Anyone interested in providing support is able to find kennel space through their website and sponsor.

You can sponsor the kennel space for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and be able to help care for many animals in that time frame that will come through.

You can choose from different SPCA branches around the province and a recognition plaque will go up on the kennel for that period of time saying who it was adopted in memory of, in honor of etc.

There are many animals around B.C. that are in need of a forever home and now might be the perfect time to take a adopt and look to find one that you can help. Or you could help many that come through your community SPCA shelter by sponsoring a kennel for a cat or dog.

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