Etsy Sees Overwhelmingly Positive Response In Allowing Customers to Opt Out of Mother’s Day Emails

Mother’s Day isn’t a celebration for everyone and for many it can bring up negative and unwanted feelings of emotional stress and pain.

All of the Mother’s Day advertisements can be overwhelming and it can be hard to escape it all when the holiday comes around. For some companies today they are now starting to understand that not all of their customers want to be reminded of Mother’s Day.

Companies like Etsy and others have started allowing their customers to opt out of Mother’s Day emails that remind them of the occasion and so far they have seen an overwhelmingly positive response to that move.

Mother’s Day can bring negative emotional responses for some and that is why companies should increasingly consider that individual customization, if customers don’t want certain holiday reminders then they should be able to opt out.

This could be done for more than just Mother’s Day, but many other holidays too that people might not want to take part in throughout the year.

Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com

One recent survey found that at least one third of Americans this year will not be celebrating Mother’s Day. One of the many reasons that people are opting out of the holiday isn’t just to do with difficult feelings surrounding it, but also financial reasons too. Some just don’t have enough money right now and can’t worry about allocating what little they do have to buying extras for Mother’s Day.

Not everyone finds the holiday might be important to celebrate and it could bring unwanted stress, which the pandemic has brought enough of already.

On average it is anticipated that Americans might spend some $200 on average for Mother’s Day presents. Canadians have previously been known to spend close to $100 on average for the occasion. Some shipping companies are already seeing a boost in business for Mother’s Day this year.

Some of the most common gifts given on Mother’s Day are items like flowers, cakes and other baked goods, a meal out, a spa day, or some wine.

Opting Out of Mother’s Day

Other companies today in the market are already catching on and starting to allow their customers to make that customization for their email notifications. If an individual wants to opt out of one holiday or another, it will only improve the business to afford that customization to the end user, because sending them spam isn’t what they want or value. Companies today can do better and they are.

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