Delicious Taco Waffles From Basak Cafe

Looking for a good cafe with sweet treats and coffee? Check out Basak cafe that is on North Road in Burnaby, B.C. This is a great cafe with amazing waffles as you can see and a variety of great drinks.

They are closed for indoor dining right now but you can still order the food and drinks to go and take it with you. You have got to try their taco waffles as you see here, or their ‘chubby waffles, as they are referred to on the menu.

Chubby Waffles With Coffee

On the menu you can find bubble waffles like you see here, they’ve got strawberry, original, green tea with red bean, chocolate that has Oreo, and more food items.

They’ve got simple waffles and great milkshakes. Their peanut butter milkshake is amazing. The drinks and the waffles go great together.

If you haven’t thought about trying a waffle with whipped cream and fruit before, or chocolate toppings, then you don’t know what you are missing.

Waffles Made Fresh!

As soon as you order your waffle order you can start to smell that amazing fresh waffle smell. These aren’t like other waffles you get from restaurants that you can tell are frozen and taste like crap.

These waffles are fresh and taste amazing! They go great with the whipped cream inside and the fruit on top, for the strawberry bubble waffle option.

The Oreo chocolate waffle along with it is also a great option to go with if you love chocolate. One waffle is enough for one person, you are going to be stuffed after you eat it probably.

It’s also easy to break in half and share with someone else but you might want to cut it in half instead of trying to tear it apart.

The cafe is kind of hard to get to off North Road if you aren’t paying attention because there isn’t that big of a parking lot nearby. There is a big shopping center though which is where you can park if you are also shopping in that center.

Nearby, in where the Hannam Supermarket is there is plenty of parking there and you can easily walk over to the Basak cafe in Burnaby.

Where can I find Dalgona coffee in Vancouver?

You can find Dalgona coffee right here at Basak cafe in Burnaby on North Road, one of the best places to try if you are looking for some. At Basak you will find a variety of coffee options like an Americano, Latte, Iced Dalgona Coffee, and others.

The best thing about the taco waffles is that they are made fresh to order and so that might mean you are waiting a few minutes too. When things are open for indoor dining it is easy to sit and wait at the tables or stand outside and get some fresh air while you wait.

These taco waffles are amazing, especially the strawberry one, and if you are looking for something sweet and fresh then I recommend trying them with some of their iced coffee.

If you are looking for Dalgano iced coffee in Burnaby then Basak cafe has you covered. Also they have the great milkshakes there too, I would suggest the peanut butter.

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