Top 10 Local Gardens in Vancouver to Visit This Summer

Looking for a beautiful place in Vancouver to visit this summer? There are many parks and gardens to find in B.C. that you can explore when the weather is nice out. There are thousands of different plants and flowers to find in gardens around Metro Vancouver.

There are some popular gardens for tourists and locals that are going to cost money to visit, then there are others that are free and easily accessible.

Some of the most popular ones are places like Queen Elizabeth Park, VanDusen Gardens, and the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden etc, but you can find dozens of other garden spaces right in Vancouver, Burnaby, and other areas.

You do not have to go far in order to see a beautiful garden space. You might see some hummingbirds while you’re there, butterflies, bees, and other creatures.

It’s a great way to spend a beautiful day either by yourself, a friend, or a loved one. Here is a list of suggestions below for garden spaces to browse around the Lower Mainland this summer.

10. Momiji Gardens

Momiji Gardens is one of the best parks in Vancouver to visit, located in Hastings Park near the PNE. You will find the Momiji Gardens located on the south side right near the Garden Auditorium building which isn’t that far off from Hastings Street. This is a Japanese styled garden in Vancouver that offers a unique and quiet space to enjoy.

This is a beautiful garden and easy to get to if you are in the Vancouver area.

9. GardenWorks

Does a garden center count? Because if you are looking to see beautiful plants and flowers then you can certainly see that at a GardenWorks center in one of the various locations around B.C. today.

You will find indoor plants here, tropical houseplants, hanging baskets, outdoor plants, and much more. This is one of the best garden centers to visit if you are looking to buy flowers, plant flowers, or just look at flowers and consider what you might plant or buy eventually.

This is a quality garden shop that offers just about anything you could need if you are looking to start your own garden or spruce one up that you already have going now. For the best in flowers I would start with GardenWorks, you always find something beautiful there.

8. Strathcona Community Garden

The Strathcona Community Garden is located on 759 Malkin Avenue in Vancouver and this park is a community operation that is a thing of beauty. The lush garden space here is growing a wide variety of plants and flowers.

Find dahlias, sunflowers, Pansies, strawberries growing, and more.

There are so many beautiful and colorful flowers to see here growing in the summer and many sunflowers in the garden too that have been growing in the past.

If you are looking for a good local park in Vancouver then Strathcona Community Garden is one to check out. They have a rainbow of flowers to see, many vegetables and plants are also growing there too.

7. Davie Village Community Garden

There are many great community garden spaces around Vancouver and the Davie Village Community Garden is another one. If you want to spend some time at the garden and then go for lunch then visit the Davie Village Community Garden.

This is a beautiful garden space that is located near some of the best restaurants and cafes in the city. The Davie Village Community Garden is right near Stepho’s Greek Taverna, Vera’s Burger Shack, Mumbai Local, and other good food options.

Great Food Nearby!

At the garden here you can find a beautiful garden space that has been carefully watched over and taken care of. A lot of love has gone into keeping up with this garden area.

The Davie Village Community Garden is one of the best garden spaces that is right in the downtown region, making it easy to visit on a day of sightseeing around town.

6. Nelson Park Community Garden

The Nelson Park Community Garden in Vancouver is located in Nelson Park and is a very relaxed space with a lot going on there. It’s a overflowing garden space in the summer that has just about everything, from plants and flowers to fruit and bird feeders.

When you are walking through Nelson Park in Vancouver then this is an easy one to come across. You will also see many people that are biking and walking nearby. If you are making a visit to Nelson Park anyways then you might as well see what the Nelson Park Community Garden has got to offer too.

If you are in the area this is a great little space to visit if you are looking to see what’s growing, a good garden variety. For some more exercise wand walking space you can continue on after your garden visit and walk around Nelson Park for some more adventure.

5. Queen Mary Community Garden

In North Vancouver is another community garden space to explore and that is the Queen Mary Community Garden. Here you can find a number of garden beds that are filled with a variety of plants and flowers.

One of the best things about this space here is that the Queen Mary Community Garden offers great views of downtown Vancouver.

The Queen Mary Community Garden in North Vancouver is a beautifully kept space, growing fruit, vegetables, flowers, and more. There are a few chairs and benches that offer you a place to sit as well.

Whether early morning or when the sun is setting this is a truly beautiful garden space to sit in and enjoy, to pay a visit to whenever the weather is good.

4. Cypress Community Garden

The Cypress Community Garden area is a very unique space with a bike path and walking path going right nearby. If you are looking for a beautiful area to walk and enjoy the nice weather then visit Cypress Community Garden. All down the street you can see a wide variety of beautiful flowers and plants that are being grown.

Cypress Community Garden is unique because it goes along the street rather than being one large square garden space like you might find in other community gardens.

There is meter parking on the street there and when it isn’t busy it’s easy to park and pay for a few minutes to go and explore the garden area. There is plenty of shade available too with so many trees nearby, it’s really a beautiful place to be during summer.

Burrard is just down the street so if you are also looking to do some shopping and grab a bite to eat after or before the garden visit, this is another great place to do it.

3. Cambie Park Community Garden

The Cambie Park Community Garden is located right next to Cambie Park in Vancouver and this offers a good space for families because there is a play area for kids there. The Langara Golf Course is close to the park, so is Winona Park, and other popular destinations.

The Cambie Park Community Garden is a clean garden space in Vancouver that offers various plants and flowers to enjoy. There are many beautiful trees surrounding the park and garden space too. There is also free parking nearby unlike other community garden spaces in Vancouver.

2. Stanley Park Rose Garden

If you are looking for bigger and better then you might want the Stanley Park Rose Garden. This is a beautiful space in Stanley Park that has some of the most stunning roses to find in the city.

The Stanley Park Rose Garden was founded back in 1920 and is still around today. Stanley Park is a beautiful waterfront park area that offers stunning views and the Stanley Park Rose Garden in particular is a special rose garden that shouldn’t be missed.

There are beautiful arrangements of flowers here, covered walkways to find, and this is truly one of the best gardens in the area. It is also one of the most Instagram-worthy places in Vancouver too. The Stanley Park Rose Garden is popular with locals and tourists, those who want to snap that perfect picture for social.

If you want great color, stunning roses, water views, and one of the best gardens around then go to this local favorite the Stanley Park Rose Garden.

1. Elisabeth Rogers Community Garden

The Elisabeth Rogers Community Garden is located on 110 W 7th ave and is another small local community garden space in the area. This garden space is literally overflowing with options for what to see first. Find both flowers and food growing here in the community garden space.

The Elisabeth Rogers Community Garden is right near Jonathan Rogers Park and so that makes this garden space another great place to visit if you want to get out and walk around, still seeing some gorgeous flowers too.

Great for Cherry Blossoms and Vancouver Views

At Jonathan Rogers Park you can get some great views of the city and mountains, it’s a beautiful area to come and spend the day when the weather is nicer. You can see the field quickly fill up with people looking to soak in some sun or have fun playing sports.

Jonathan Rogers Park is a more laid back park area than other parks around Vancouver that can easily get many more thousands of visitors to them. If you are looking for something that might be a little more chill, with great views, and the garden too, then Jonathan Rogers Park it is.

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