Memorial for Trina Hunt in Port Moody Continues to Grow

Human remains were recently discovered in Hope, B.C. and they were confirmed to be that of Trina Hunt. She has been missing for months after being reported by her husband as missing back in Jan of this year. Now after her body has been found there are still many unanswered questions as to what happened to her.

Now the memorial outside her house in Port Moody is growing as people come by to pay their respects.

The missing persons case of Trina Hunt has now been turned into a homicide investigation and there are many questions surrounding her disappearance and what might have happened to her.

The family has thanked the community for their help in the search and they have asked for privacy at this time so that they can mourn the loss of their loved one.

A Vigil Was Held to Mark The 3 Month Anniversary of Trina Hunt’s Disappearance

A vigil for Trina Hunt was held in April and had marked the 3 month mark since her disappearance and they were still trying to raise awareness about the case and the fact that she was missing.

There is a collection of flowers outside the house now at Trina Hunt’s memorial from people who have stopped by to pay their respects. Many people in the community came out to help spread the word about Trina Hunt and to help look for her, the family went months without any answers.

Now the missing person investigation with Trina Hunt has been turned into a homicide investigation after the remains were found and foul play as allegedly been suspect. They reportedly found the body in March and for now as the investigation is still ongoing they aren’t releasing any more details about Trina Hunt’s homicide.

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