5 Years Later: Shuswap Woman Still Missing

Ashley Simpson, reportedly went missing on April 27th from Yankee Flats Road that was located near Silver Creek. To this day her family has been looking for her and hoping that someone is going to come forward with information about her disappearance.

Her mother had previously been reported as saying that she thought more than one person might know something about where her daughter might be, but still we aren’t any closer to the truth as she is still missing to this day.

An award has been offered for any information that might help to solve this case, an award of $10,000 to anyone that could help.

But 5 years later we are still searching for answers, what happened to Ashley Simpson?

Not only is Ashley’s family still dedicated to searching for her and finding the truth but they have also been busy helping to raise money too. They’ve raised money for an organization that helps conduct various drone searches for missing people around Canada.

Back in 2016 Ashley had left Pink Mountain in Feb to move in with her boyfriend in a trailer that would be located near Salmon Arm that was on Yankee Flats Road. It’s believed that she was last seen walking on a street with a pink suitcase.

There have been no signs of her for 5 years.

The authorities in the province have stated that the investigation into Ashley Simpson’s disappearance is still ongoing and active. Her family has been dedicated to spreading the word and searching for her and encourage anyone who knows anything that might help to come forward.

This case is still a priority for major crime investigators.

Despite putting up that $10k reward for any information that might help the case still hasn’t been solved.

Was There A Tip That Was Never Followed Up On?

Photo by Pedram Farjam on Pexels.com

According to one Shuswap resident, K Toner, she questions whether or not her tip on the case was ever followed up on. She allegedly went to the police with concerns about the disappearance of Ashley Simpson but says that this tip she gave was never looked into.

Toner says that in 2016 that she made a discovery and called authorities after she found a pile of clothing on the ground, makeup, some CDs, and a piece of mail that was addressed to Ashley Simpson.

These belongings were allegedly situated on a dead end road that was located at the top of the mountain outside of Canoe, B.C.

When they had found all of those items this wasn’t that long after Ashley Simpson had been reported as missing and still the case remains unsolved to this day.

After finding the clothing and other items, they reportedly searched the area and called her name out but didn’t find anything else.

About a month later they say that they went up and the clothing was still right where they had found it, though they didn’t see any mail. The question then comes up whether or not anyone investigated further.

If they didn’t look into that tip she says that she feels this might be a bit of negligence, why wouldn’t they want to know more and take a look? Or maybe they did, but it allegedly didn’t look like it according to her account when she went back.

According to a post by Missing People of Canada, on the case of Ashley Simpson, they report that Ashley had been living with her boyfriend at the time on Yankee Flats Rd and that on April 27th she allegedly had an argument with her boyfriend.

That argument that they had was allegedly over money and afterwards her boyfriend is believed to have gone back into the trailer to sleep and woke to find Ashley was gone.

The tip about the belongings did eventually make its way to the family though and they have reportedly forwarded it on to their lead investigator. Still, Ashley Simpson is missing and people want answers as to what happened.

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