The Beautiful Gardens At Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

There is a lot to see and do if you want to spend the day up at Burnaby Mountain. If you are looking to find some stunning flowers and rose gardens, mountain and ocean views, and hear the birds chirping all around you, then plan a visit to come here.

If you have anyone coming in from out of town and you want to show them a truly beautiful space in Burnaby then bring them up to the Burnaby Mountain area so that you can show them the trails and the rose garden. There is plenty of space for parking but you will want to arrive early before it gets filled up.

The Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

There are many trees at the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area that are going to line the walkway for you so if you want some shade then you are going to be in luck. As you can see there from the image above there are plenty of benches to sit on and you can find a lot of space on the grass to set out a blanket for a picnic.

Find Picnic Tables at Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

There are picnic tables, public washrooms, and many flowers and trees to explore up on the mountain at the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.

One of the Top Garden Spaces in Burnaby

You could easily spend an hour or more here walking around in the early afternoon and enjoying the beautiful views. Bring a bottle of water and a snack or two and go spend the day up on the mountain. You will be able to get some great views and take some great pictures too of this spectacular Burnaby spot.

It can easily get busy when the weather gets nice out, when the sky is clear you get a great view from on top of the mountain.

If you are looking to get there before the crowd gets there on the weekend or when the weather is nicer then you might find yourself easily getting there before lunch. If you show up at lunch there could be very limited sparking spaces available.

Along the side of the mountain, down the roadway, you will see cars start to park in summer there when it does get warmer out. And there is more parking to be found toward the middle of the hill, on the way down. It isn’t just the lot at the top that is available for parking.

Perfect Burnaby Spot For Hiking and Flowers

Want to see a beautiful rose garden and stunning flowers like marigolds and tulips? There are many different flowers to see here that are available to admire up at the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.

This is one of the best garden spaces to see in Burnaby and is one of the most beautiful areas to spend the afternoon with friends or family. Plan a picnic date or just bring your own coffee or water and go for a walk, there is a lot you can do here.

If you are someone who loves a good garden space to admire then you will truly love a trip up to the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. You will see not only tourists coming up here but locals love to enjoy time up here as well.

Families come up and spend the day having a picnic, couples come up for a date night to see the sun go down with the amazing city views. It is a spot that everyone can enjoy and it is a beautiful and stunning park to admire if you are in the area and looking for a special place that you can spend the day.

At the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area you are going to find numerous trails and there are some very unique wooden carved sculptures to enjoy as well. For sunrise or sunset snaps this can be the perfect place. Many Instagram-worthy photos can be taken up at the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area.

The Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area offers a quiet place to unwind and a great spot to see the beautiful view and take in the good weather from. You can see downtown Vancouver and the ocean when you look over the cliff there.

Birds are chirping all around you when you explore the mountain here, and you might even see some other animals like deer or squirrels, which are also often spotted up in this area.

If you are looking to do some light hiking or get out and enjoy the weather, see some garden area and flowers, or just have a walk and chat with a friend, you can find many different ways to get out and enjoy Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area all through the year.

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