Body Found: What Happened To Trina Hunt?

Trina was reported missing on Jan 18th 2021 and was believed to be last seen by her husband before he left for work at about 6 in the morning. When her husband came home to their residence and found an empty house he reported her missing.

A homicide unit in B.C. has recently identified remains that were found in Hope, B.C., and they are said to be the remains of missing Port Moody woman Trina Hunt.

Now the case of Trina Hunt is now a homicide case and the circumstances were reportedly deemed suspicious, now an investigation team has taken over the case. It was a missing persons case but now they are investigating it much differently, it is a homicide case now.

This is still an active an ongoing investigation.

After Trina Hunt had been reported missing by her husband it didn’t take long for many in the community to come out and help to look for her. Helicopters were used, drones, volunteers came out, canine teams, and they searched extensively for Hunt. Authorities say it is out of character for Hunt to have up and gone missing in this manner.

Back in April a vigil was held for Trina that friends and family attended, since it was several months since the disappearance and they were looking to continue raising awareness for her.

She might have been missing for months but she wasn’t forgotten. This case has received a great deal of attention because it seems she up and vanished, nobody knows where she went or what could have happened. Investigators are still focused on the case though as it remains ongoing for now.

This comes after authorities said back a couple of months ago that they didn’t have any appearance of foul play.

Now things in the Trina Hunt case look a lot different as it has quickly turned into a homicide case. Community volunteers along the way have put up posters all over the province to share information about her and spread awareness for this case. This is the worst outcome that many feared, finding her body, and many now want to see justice for Hunt and the truth to be uncovered about what happened.

After Hunt went missing it prompted some to question how safe they might be in Port Moody or other areas of British Columbia, and authorities have insisted that Port Moody is one of the safest communities in the lower mainland. Police have also previously shut down abduction rumors that started to swirl earlier this year, after more than one woman went missing.

Since Trina Hunt went missing her family vowed that they wouldn’t stop until they found her. They have also reportedly been very cooperative with the investigators involved in the case along the way.

The hashtags that have been used to spread awareness along the way for Trina Hunt include those like #COMEHOMETRINA #FINDTRINAHUNT and #MISSINGPERSON . Since the beginning when Trina Hunt went missing earlier this year, social media has helped to get the word out about this case.

They might have found the body recently but there is still frustration because we just don’t know what happened to her.

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