Herbaland Partners with RCRG To Give Back

Herbaland has done a lot to give back to communities around Canada and one of their partners is RCRG, otherwise known as Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives.

This organization, RCRG is responsible for helping the community in a variety of ways, including offering support services like grocery shopping and delivery for seniors, virtual friendly visiting, and free child care referral.

They have been serving the community for decades and now your purchase of Herbaland gummies can help.


For the #WearTheBear partnership they have put together a kit that you can purchase where all of the proceeds are going to be put toward helping RCRG and others in the community.

The #WearTheBear campaign includes making a purchase of $20 that would get you a special mask, reusable lunch bag, Herbaland pen, and a pouch of sour Good News Gummies from Herbaland.

You can click here to shop this special opportunity to support Herbaland and others in the community by making a purchase that would bring more donations to RCRG.

This is a limited edition face mask that is being offered by Herbaland and it is going to provide the chance for RCRG to continue to support different initiatives and services in the community. Herbaland has done significant work in giving back to first responders during the pandemic and getting many of their products to those who need them.

Herbaland is all about a healthy and safe community and giving back to those in need, that is clear from their efforts.

Right now if you are looking for vitamin gummies you should check out what Herbaland has to offer, they’ve got gummies that include collagen, electrolytes, and other ingredients.

Herbaland has donated a portion of their sales previously to help the Canucks Autism Network, along with giving back to other charitable efforts too. And RCRG is one more great charity that is doing good for their community and vulnerable populations that yuo can help too by making a purchase that sends proceeds to that organization.

RCRG has previously been appointed by the BC government as one of many hubs around the province that would be there for seniors through COVID-19 and they’ve also launched a Safe Seniors, Strong Community program to help them through the pandemic. COVID-19 brought some new challenges, which might have meant a drop in volunteers, or having to adjust the approach in programs and delivery of services etc, some changes had to be made along the way.

RCRG is one valuable organization that is still dedicated to helping many in the community and this great partnership with Herbaland helps you to get involved in taking part as well, you can help by ordering the RCRG + Herbaland Face Mask package that sends 100 per cent of the proceeds directly to the charity organization.

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