BC Travel Restrictions Mean Ferries Already Seeing Drop in Travelers

BC Ferries are already seeing a drop in travelers and this means that the BC travel restrictions are working in discouraging people from engaging in non-essential travel at this time.

For the time being people are encouraged to stay in their own regional health authority communities and not travel for non-essential purposes around British Columbia.

Already there are many more who must be making plans to stay close to home because the BC Ferries are seeing that drop, and camping spots have also started helping to cancel some of those reservations from out-of-town guests.

This does not mean that there has not been some confusion with the BC travel restrictions along the way though. So far there are only a handful of customers that have been denied travel on the ferries, and for the most part it looks like people around BC are getting the message.

COVID-19 Cases in BC

Hospitalizations are still high in BC and health facilities here are facing the concern of nearing capacity, as they are in other regions. But the vaccine campaigns have been ramping up, targeting hot spot areas in the country.

For those who are eligible in BC to get a vaccine there are more than 1 million in the province have already gotten their first dose of the vaccine.

For those who are caught violating the recent BC travel restrictions it could mean facing a fine and these current restrictions are only in place for several weeks, where we might have to see then if they are extended. The ban on indoor dining is still in place as well, along with restrictions on other activities too.

London Drugs Helping Restaurants

For those restaurants in the region that are still suffering with the indoor dining restrictions, London Drugs has recently announced an effort that can help in Western Canada. They will be giving the chance for restaurants to apply for shelf space to sell goods in their retail stores. This means they could sell things like spice rubs, clothing, jams, and other goods. This program expands on one that was launched last year and is a great opportunity for small businesses to get some more help.

Those in BC this year are supposed to be given preference when it comes to booking campsites in the province and many have already started booking sites for their camping vacations this year.

For those that have booked outside of their regional health authority community though and are traveling too far, calls already being made to cancel those reservations.

Those who are looking to camp close to home can still go ahead and get outdoors and enjoy that activity.

Noticeable Drop In Passengers on BC Ferries

BC Ferries is used to seeing millions of passengers each year, but that has drastically changed since the pandemic. Especially now with the recent travel restrictions there is a decline in travelers who are coming through now. That will change quickly though as those COVID-19 related restrictions are eased in the future.

For right now those BC travel restrictions will be in place until at least May long weekend and if cases don’t significantly decline by then in the region then we can expect to see an extension on those restrictions as we have similarly seen in the past.

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