Vaccine Passports a Growing Reality That Might Be Required for International Travel

The border in Canada is still closed for non-essential travel to international tourists. With many lock downs still in place and COVID-19 related restrictions, it fuels the question of if there will be a vaccine passport required in the future for international travel.

Around the world we have heard from airline experts, health experts, and others, who have suggested that a vaccine passport is a true possibility that we could see become finalized within the next year or two. Some airlines are already using some version of vaccine passports right now for people who are traveling.

From Japan to the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere, vaccine passports are a growing possibility that might soon be embraced. But that doesn’t mean these programs might not pose their own problems and risks.

Increasingly since the pandemic hit we have heard that there is a growing possibility that we will need to use vaccine passports going forward for international travel. But this leaves those who cannot get the vaccine at a risk and disadvantage, and there are many who now will not travel because of this requirement.

For a travel industry that is already suffering around the world this could mean even more damage to its success going forward.

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Canadians are Mixed on The Idea of Vaccine Passports

Hundreds of executives and business managers around Canada had been previously polled on the question of international vaccine passports and the feelings are a bit mixed. Around 59 per cent lean towards vaccine passports, but there is about 33 per cent who are opposed to it. Some businesses have even started posting signs in BC refusing patrons who have been vaccinated, citing insurance risks, among other reasons.

The question of vaccine passports is a very polarizing one, with people either strongly for or against the issue. Canadians are rather split and there is a big separation in other countries too. About two thirds of Americans are in favor of a vaccine passport of some kind, with many Republicans who are opposed to the idea.

Another poll found that in the U.S. about 6 in 10 Democrats are in favor of the idea of a vaccine passport becoming a reality. Then we see that places like Texas have banned that from becoming a reality. Florida, Utah, and others are also looking to do the same.

The idea of a vaccine passport isn’t going to come along without significant push back.

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Trudeau recently indicated that vaccine passports could become a reality for Canadians but they aren’t ready yet, even though it might become necessary one day for international travel to resume.

For those who are eager to travel again and who have gotten their vaccines already, it won’t be an issue for them. But for others who cannot get the vaccine or who are not interested, this is going to change things significantly for them going forward.

Governments around the world are already asking travelers to demonstrate their COVID vaccination and testing status, in one way or another. Not only might it become a reality for international travel but it might also start to make its way into other events.

From concerts, summer festivals, and other popular events, some sort of vaccine passport verification might be used and required.

Some health experts still assert that the vaccine passports for now are inappropriate and that it isn’t clear how they might be rolled out or how the system for them might work exactly.

While some are championing the vaccine passport as a ticket to normalcy, others say it will be a logistical nightmare. Not only that but the idea of a vaccine passport in Canada and elsewhere might also pose ethical issues, and possibly work to limit the activities for millions who won’t be able to access travel or events, whatever requires that passport.

Are vaccine passports coming to Canada?

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The idea of vaccine passports in Canada is an idea that is increasingly being discussed around the country. But there are many who will be opposed to the idea across the country, as we have seen in other areas around the United States. For now we see that there is a decent amount of support for some sort of vaccine certificate or verification,

From Iowa to Florida, Texas, many communities are pushing back against this idea of a vaccine passport. Critics worry about the human rights implications that go along with this sort of program.

For now, even the World Health Organization has also signaled that they might not support the idea of a vaccine passport for international travel either. Whether or not vaccine passports are coming to Canada as a cemented formality in the near future does not appear certain yet. There is a lot of support around the world for this change, but a lot of controversy just the same.

If vaccine passports do come to Canada and around the world that is going to drastically change things for millions of people. It will make life a lot more difficult and less enjoyable for those who cannot or will not obtain that vaccine passport.

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