Playland Postponed Now Until May Long Weekend 2021

Playland in Vancouver is expecting to reopen after the May long weekend this year. The recent indoor dining restrictions have been extended and new travel restrictions in place currently until that May long weekend as well.

The park is going to open this year for visitors just like we saw last year but there are going to be some COVID-related changes as far as limited capacity and distancing. Last year they had a few of their rides open and a drive-thru PNE fair to experience.

Right now Playland has deferred their opening until the May long weekend as they are hoping to avoid attracting any out of town guests to the region. There are travel restrictions in place right now around British Columbia and that means people are encouraged to stay in their own health regions and communities.

Playland brings thousands of visitors each year, locals and visitors to the area, who are looking to have fun at the park and enjoy the rides and food.

British Columbians will have time this year to have fun at Playland in Vancouver but they will need to wait for that to happen. For now the opening of the park is not going to happen until after the May long weekend this year.

Playland and PNE 2021

The Playland and PNE 2021 are going to look a lot different than your usual experience at these places, with the same distancing measures and other COVID-19 related restrictions that are in place.

As well, there are other restrictions around BC right now too because of the pandemic like the travel restrictions which offer a fine if you’re traveling for non-essential reasons outside of your health authority region.

Originally, Playland in Vancouver did have plans to open on May 1st but there are still a variety of restrictions in place right now, including travel restrictions in BC. But with concerns for drawing people in from other regions and health authorities the decision was made to change that opening date over that concern.

Backlash over May 1st Opening for Playland in Vancouver

They’ve been asked to remain closed until the May long weekend this year and we will have to see if they open then, or postpone the opening again if things don’t change.

They have already taken a number of steps to put certain measures in place to ensure the safety of guests This means reducing capacity for Playland guests, and bringing in spacing requirements, having masks be required while waiting in line for a ride etc, among other changes.

Still, the decision was made to postpone despite those preparations. Right now there is no room for error and they don’t want to attract those out of town guests either. Health facilities in Canada are nearing capacity and BC is dealing with its 3rd wave, which is why recent travel restrictions in BC had been announced.

Depending on whether or not there is a decrease in COVID-19 cases at those hospitals in the region we will have to wait and see if restrictions get extended or lifted in the weeks to come. For now we have been told that this is a temporary measure we need to engage in so that we can have a potentially normal summer and rest of the year.

Over 100 tickets have been handed out around BC in recent weeks for people who had been caught breaking the rules.And there has been a lot of confusion and upset over the new BC travel restrictions, with some even calling into the 9-1-1 emergency number to ask questions about it. But that’s not what people should be doing.

For now BC has been divided up into certain regions, using health boundaries to define those travel regions for people in the province. Right now you are only supposed to travel outside of your region for essential purposes only.

These restrictions will be in place for several weeks but it is unclear if they are going to be extended, that could be a possibility as other COVID-19 measures have also been extended in the past year.

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