Where to Find Green Juice in Vancouver

There are hundreds of different places you could look around BC to find some great green juices right now. There are high end grocery markets that carry green juice, corner stores, restaurants, and other venues. You can find organic, cold-pressed, detox green juice, and green juice that can be delivered too.

There are different businesses in BC offering juice cleanse options where you can order several bottles at one time if you want to do a juice detox. But what if you just want some green juice today with your meal? There are a few restaurants where you could order it right along with your meal and one of them is SMAK in Vancouver.

Green Detox Juice

SMAK makes one of the best green juice options that I have tasted so far. They use spinach in their Green Detox Juice, along with some parsley, and ginger, and a little pineapple to sweeten the drink up. After that the entire thing also gets blended with their fresh apple juice.

Overall this is a very sweet and delicious Green Detox Juice if you are in Vancouver and looking for a green juice option.

You could grab a Green Detox Juice with your lunch or dinner and take it for a walk along Coal Harbour seawall or to Stanley Park, around downtown for some shopping, or to work with you if you’re on a lunch break.

The Green Detox Juice from SMAK in Vancouver tastes great and is one of the best green juice options in Vancouver. This juice is listed as low fat, vegetarian, dairy free, and vegan.

Green Smoothie from Freshii

There are several Freshii locations around Vancouver and Metro Vancouver and they’ve got a great Green Smoothie option on the menu. This is a Canadian fast casual restaurant that is growing quickly, offering a variety of soups, wraps, bowls, smoothies, frozen yogurt, and other items.

The Freshii Green Smoothie

The Freshii Green Smoothie from Freshii comes with kale, pineapple, avocado, spinach, and fozen yogurt as well. This is for those who might not mind if their green smoothie contains milk. This drink is a great option because there are so many Freshii locations to find and it can also be ordered through the delivery app. If you want some green juice in Vancouver, Burnaby, or another area in the lower mainland, and you don’t want to leave the house, then use a third party delivery app.

Freshii and other restaurants that provide green smoothies and green juices can be found on those delivery apps. You could always stop in to pick one up as well and order your drink to go.

Green Juice at Whole Foods

Whole Foods and Safeway are two more grocery stores where you can go in and easily find some freshly made green juice to drink with your meals that day, or stock up for later.

If you are looking to find some juices to go on a juice cleanse then going to Whole Foods might be your best bet because of the variety that they offer. From organic to cold pressed and other unique ingredients, there is a lot of juice variety at this store.

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If you want to just get the ingredients to do your juicing you could also look to businesses like SPUD which offers their online grocery delivery service around British Columbia.

SPUD Organic Essential Greens Juicing Box

SPUD offers online grocery delivery in areas like Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, and you can get their box of essential vegetables that go into making green juice at home.

You get a variety of fruits and vegetables in the box and then you are able to make your own juice, using things like celery, apples, chard, kale, cucumbers, limes, mint, and parsley. Rather than buying several bottles of green juice from any store this could be a great alternative, if you are looking for quality ingredients to be able to make your own green juice at home.

These are just some of the places to look in Vancouver these days that are offering some delicious and quality green juices or green juice ingredients. They make it easy for shoppers to try and still get that quality produce and be able to keep up with their busy schedule.

Ordering a box or ordering a weeks worth of green juice bottles, there are several ways to go about doing it. Lucky for those in Vancouver and around BC if they are looking for someone else to make it for them, you have got lots of options available to you.

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