Where to Find Cherry Blossoms In Port Moody

Port Moody is a beautiful city in BC that offers great food and many cherry blossom trees to find if you are looking to take part in the annual cherry blossom festival in Vancouver. All around Metro Vancouver you will find great cherry blossom trees and this includes right in Port Moody.

There are a few places that you might want to check in Port Moody before looking anywhere else, if you are looking for cherry blossom trees. As soon as you come down Clarke Rd which then turns into St Johns St in Port Moody, you are going to see a number of cherry blossom trees right in front of you.

Heading either direction on St Johns St should bring you right past the cherry blossom trees that line the street. Right near the Shell gas station, Little Bangkok Thai Kitchen, there is some limited parking. If you park somewhere around here and walk around Queens St in Port Moody then you will see many cherry blossoms that are blooming during the cherry blossom season in Vancouver.

These cherry blossom trees in Port Moody are in full bloom right now. These ones here are located on Queens St in Port Moody right where the old Starbucks used to be. There are a few restaurants around here if you are looking to grab something to eat and enjoy the area. During the spring this is a beautiful place to visit.

If you have any guests visiting from out of town during the cherry blossom festival then this area of Port Moody is a great space to bring them. There are cherry blossom trees to be found everywhere, as you can see from the pics above.

The Aroma Indian Restaurant and Lounge is right on Spring St and Queens St in Port Moody and right outside the front entrance you can see many different cherry blossom trees like you see here.

Port Moody in The Spring For Cherry Blossoms

There are other areas of Port Moody where you can find some cherry blossom trees but in this region here you will see many different trees in a short amount of time and space. Take a walk along St Johns St and you will see many different cherry blossom trees that line the street there. Then you could turn and go down Queens St to Clarke St and again see even more cherry blossom trees. There are thousands of cherry blossom trees in Vancouver and around the Metro Vancouver area.

The cherry blossom festival is one that is beloved by millions and these festivals take place not only in Vancouver but in other cities around the world, when cherry blossoms start to reach their peak.

If you are looking to have lunch or dinner at a Port Moody restaurant and then want to take a walk around the region and admire those cherry blossom trees then there are several options. Right on St Johns St, which turns into Barney Hwy, there are a wide variety of cuisine choices and restaurants to go with. You can find A&W, Little Bangkok Thai Kitchen, the Aroma Indian Restaurant and Lounge, and other options. Port Moody is a beautiful place to spend the weekend if you are looking for something to do for the afternoon and want some great sights to see and good food.

Look for Cherry Blossom Trees in Port Moody BC at:

St Johns St & Queens St

Queens St & Spring St

Queens St & Clarke St

Douglas St & St Johns St

Elgin St & St Johns St

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