Helping Fill The Void: A New Free Community Fridge Opens in Kelowna

There are a number of free community fridges and boxes that are popping up in Vancouver and other cities around BC and Canada. You can find them around the U.S. too and in other countries.

What are these free community fridges, food boxes, and free libraries? these are free giving efforts that communities put together on their own to help others in their area. They give whatever they can, anyone can give, and anyone can access the fridge or box. There is a great need for many in cities all around BC and elsewhere to try and make ends meet, these efforts help to fill that void.

The new community fridge in Kelowna is the first of its kind and just recently opened up to the public to be able to access.

There are free food pantries around Vancouver and other cities in British Columbia and now this organization is coming to Kelowna as well.

These community fridges and food pantries allow people in the community to be able to access them whenever they want. They might not have that same accessibility when trying to get help from other social resources and so these community boxes truly do fill a necessary void. Whether it is a can of soup, loaf of bread, a pair of socks, you can find a variety of items in these boxes and fridges.

Those in the community who have the means and who are willing to donate are able to do so by simply putting the items into the box for others to access. Anyone in the community can come and take whatever they need.

There is a certain level of trust in the community to make this happen, and for the most part these boxes and fridges are welcomed and supported. There are the few times though when they’ve been looted and vandalized, even here in our own BC communities.

Where is the new free community fridge in Kelowna located?

By the Community Garden over on Cawston Avenue.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

There are many who struggle living on the streets in Kelowna and there are also many families who struggle to get what they need for to survive, many in Kelowna struggle just to pay their rent. This means that food banks and other community efforts are needed to help fill that void and make sure that people are not going hungry.

Through the pandemic many food banks saw an increase in the number of people who relied upon them and projects like these free community food fridges and food pantries are a great opportunity to bring one more solution around to try and address some of the problem.

Now there are more options for those in BC, like the free community fridge in Kelowna, for them to access necessities for them and their families. In these community fridges and boxes many different items get donated, from puzzles and soup, to tampons, toilet paper, pasta, chips, cereal, and other goods.

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  1. Hello and Thank you but often it is empty and I have seen many elderly folks go there to get can of soup ect.. they are embarrsed to go to the food bank and even worse may not have a ride anymore ,,, So please lets all do what we can to help Every one in need I drop off sometimes I need too,,, 🙂 It is a great idea and pple are respectful no garbage around very clean Thank you again lets make more 🙂

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