Rogers Announces Plans to Donate More to Women in Need

Rogers Communications recently announced that they have plans to donate phones to women that are living in dozens of different shelters around BC. This isn’t the first time that we have seen significant giving from Rogers Communications or giving that has been done in celebration of its legacy.

The Digital Lifelines for Women in Crisis Program

This program by Rogers Communications is one that helps to connect vulnerable women and children with needed phones and phone plans. They have partnered to do this in helping hundreds of Canadian shelters give out phones and plans to women staying there, or at transition houses.

It helps those women and children to be able to better escape their situations of abuse and find new beginnings. They need those resources and it can make more of a difference than we know.

Rogers is helping women and children across Canada who are in those troubling situations, to be able to gain access to critical lifelines when they need it most. They have partnered with transition houses in BC and around Canada to be able to do this and are donating wireless services and phones to women in need.

They are offering plans and phones to more than 325 Canadian shelters and transition homes already through their Digital Lifelines for Women program.

This means that many women around BC and throughout Canada are able to get access to a phone and a plan when they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to and that can make life even more difficult for them. When it comes to transitioning from that place and into a new job or a new home, they need that lifeline to connect. Rogers Communications is helping to make that happen for many who desperately need it.

They are donating thousands of phones to Canadian women and children in need.

These women are living in transition houses and shelters all around BC and across different regions of Canada. It is also helping to increase awareness for domestic violence issues as well. These devices at the end of the day could help to save lives and they are a needed resource that can help to keep women and their families safe.

During the pandemic it has also helped them to stay connected with their loved ones and ease that isolation period too.

This phone collaboration program from Rogers Communications is also put on with help from Motorola and LG. They have already given out many phones and phone plans as a part of this program and they are looking to increase their efforts from last year.

They are essentially trippling their support that they gave last year.

Those who are staying at a shelter or transition house and who have access to be a part of this program are able to access a free phone along with free voice and data plans for a certain period of time as well. From helping people to stay connected with friends, to finding a new job or home, to accessing other resources, this act of giving is bringing a lot of value to thousands of women around the country.

The Digital Lifeline for Women Program in Canada with Rogers Communication has already partnered with a variety of shelters and transition houses in BC and other Canadian regions. Now the program is looking to expand which is only going to bring more value and help to even more women and children in the country.

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