Dont Miss These: Top 5 Restaurants in Port Moody With a Patio

Port Moody has many different restaurants to try if you are looking for something new to experience. There is some good BBQ to find, cafes, late night dinner destinations, and more. Even though indoor dining is restricted right now you can still support these restaurants by ordering takeout, delivery, or enjoying a meal on the patio if they have one.

Where are restaurants in Port Moody with a patio?

The Boathouse in Port Moody is one of the most beautiful places to visit that has a great patio space and view of the water and mountains. You can go for a walk afterward down by the water and it is the perfect place for lunch or dinner.

Right now indoor dining in BC is restricted by they are still open for dine-in, pickup, and delivery too.

Other options for restaurants in Port Moody with a patio include Saint St Grill, Browns Socialhouse, and Romer’s Burger Bar.

These are some of my favorite places to eat at when I am looking for good food, service, and atmosphere. The patio spaces are great when you want a meal outdoors for lunch or dinner.

On the menu at Browns Socialhouse in Port Moody I would suggest trying:

crispy cauliflower
loaded nachos
kung pao lettuce wraps
blackened chicken caesar
key lime pie

Romer’s Burger Bar menu favorites include:

Cauliflower wings that come with ranch dipm coconut shrimp, lettuce wraps, bang bang chicken, or the brussel sprouts. The appetizers here are great and they have got one of my favorite appetizer menus.

These aren’t the only spaces with patios but they are some of my favorites and these are great menu items that I would recommend trying. There are other places like A&W in Port Moody that has a little outdoor eating area, and Willy’s Galley restaurant that is great for some fish and chips.

Willy’s Galley is right down by the water and they’ve got some good comfort food for breakfast or lunch. If you are heading there then try their chicken tenders and fries, BLT, or french toast breakfast.

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All along Barnet Highway and St Johns Street in Port Moody there you are going to find a wide range of good restaurants to try out. There is Thai food options, European cuisine, Casual American dining spots, Italian, and more.

Find Rocky Point Ice Cream down by the Rocky Point Spray Park and grab a cone while you go for a walk in the nice weather.

Ice Cream at Rocky Point Ice Cream

Rocky Point Ice Cream in Port moody is down by the water and you can get a variety of ice cream choices there along with the great mountain views and views of the water. When it gets nicer out then this is really a great place to visit during spring or summer in the Port Moody area when you are having that sweet craving.

The TOP 5 Restaurants With a Patio to Check Out In Port Moody:

1.The Boathouse

2.Browns Socialhouse


4.Willy’s Galley

5. Saint St Grill

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You can support these restaurants without going in for dine-in options as well, find them on delivery apps like SkipTheDishes and others. You can also do a takeout or pick-up option too. Right now there are some restaurants in Port Moody offering limited patio spaces if you want to dine in with them still though.

Restaurants in BC and around Canada have been struggling through the pandemic and they need help from the community to keep going.

Getting out and getting some great food on a patio space in one of those Port Moody restaurants is a great idea for the weekend. No matter if you are looking to go with family, or others from your household etc, you can still get out and enjoy that food and stay distanced.

Restaurants in Port Moody and around BC are doing all that they can to help us continue those experiences while still staying safe.

There are a variety of places to go to in Port Moody if you just want something sweet and a cup of coffee. If you are looking to grab something to eat and take it to the park for a good view then consider taking your food down to the Inlet Park in Port Moody, there is also Rocky Point Spray Park and Rocky Point Park.

Aside from these parks to sit and enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee you will also discover that there are many opportunities to explore trails nearby as well, with great views all around.

Even though we are going through those restrictions right now in BC for indoor dining and other activities we can still support our favorite restaurants that are out there. These are just some of the restaurants in Port Moody with a patio that are open for spring and summer and are ready to serve your cravings.

Some of those restaurants are also available on delivery apps and that makes it a lot easier to enjoy their food without even having to leave the house, you can still show your support right now to BC restaurants who need it.

These are my top 5 recommendations for the best restaurants in Port Moody with a patio space but there are many others you might also want try.

Or you could grab some food and take it to have a picnic in the park.

As the weather gets warmer there are many places around Port Moody, BC to get out and explore and that might mean having a snack or two while you are there if you want to enjoy your lunch that way instead.

If you are looking for some delicious seafood to go along with spectacular scenery for lunch or dinner then I would suggest making your way over to The Boathouse for a meal. They always have impeccable service and presentation, fine attention paid to detail here. Great seafood and cocktails you can expect to find here on the menu at The Boathouse in Port Moody.

Their patio is the only way to dine-in right now because of the restricted dining in BC but that might be the best way to experience the restaurant anyways.

Find oysters at The Boathouse in Port Moody, a Tuna Poke Bowl, Cajun Fish Tacos, Crispy Coconut Shrimp, Fish and Chips, Hot Crab Dip for 2, Grilled Salmon, and more.

I would suggest trying their hot crab dip because it is delicious and pairs well with a Mango Mojito or Cucumber Gimlet. They’ve got you covered if you are craving prawns, chicken, lobster, crab, or a traditional fish and chips meal. The drinks are some of the best you will find in Port Moody and the overall atmosphere and view cannot be beat here.

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  1. I really must get back to BC, I don’t think that three days in Pouce Coupe really counts!

    I have an RV waiting in Edmonton for my return but I doubt it will ever happen thanks to the Chinese authorities. No more travelling for an old man like me, my travelling days which were going so well, are over, as is my life. Nice dreams though, fuelled by your excellent post, thanks for that. I can almost taste that fried egg!


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