#NVW2021: National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week has been going on all week in Canada and it has given communities the chance to highlight those who are giving back in their own cities. All around BC there are thousands of volunteers who give their time to one organization or another.

This week is not only a great time to celebrate those volunteers but also to think about looking for new opportunities to engage in volunteer work yourself.

National Volunteer Week 2021 is running from April 18th to the 24th and the theme is The Value of One, The Power of Many

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Right now there are millions of people around Canada and many in BC who rely on charitable services and those services are only functioning because of the many volunteers that give their time to help them run seamlessly. All around the community there are dozens of ways to get involved and to start volunteering if you are interested in finding volunteer programs.

Interested in working with pets? Gardening? Cleaning up garbage? Working with groups of other people? There are many opportunities to volunteer around Vancouver and in the BC region if you are interested. Charity organizations are always looking for more volunteers to help throughout the year, especially now that so many are relying on those services through the pandemic.

Check Out These Places for Volunteer Opportunities in Vancouver:

Big Brothers Vancouver

Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland


Wild ARC

Vancouver YMCA

Vancouver Police Department

Vancouver Neighborhood Cleanup Party

These are just some of the places and organizations that might have volunteer work available, though some have had to stop certain programs right now because of the pandemic.

If you look in your community it shouldn’t be hard to find somewhere, from schools to libraries or senior centers, someone who might be looking for that volunteer help.

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Food Banks

Food banks are a great place to check with for volunteer opportunities, local churches are another place to start with as well. Those churches often hold clothing sales or bake sales to raise funds for one event or another and that can be a great opportunity to give back and meet others in your community.

Right now because of COVID-19 there are restrictions on social activities but these are good places to look when things go back more to normal.

Depending on what you are looking to do, like picking up garbage or spending time outside in the parks, there are different places to explore for those volunteer opportunities.

When you explore those opportunities you can also get the chance to meet some great new people and make lasting friendships in your community, you might even pick up a few new skills.

There are always places to help if you just look for them around your own community for that opportunity.

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It might be donating some books to a local library or doing something like putting some food in a neighborhood food pantry.

During the pandemic many people have been lonely and doing an act of kindness, volunteering in your community, could be as simple as engaging in a call list with lonely seniors to help them get some companionship right now. There are opportunities out there if you just look for them.

Check local hospitals and health centers to see if they need any volunteers to help, community centers might also have certain opportunities to give back too. If you check today and they do not have anything listed that doesn’t mean there might not be something that comes up in the future as well.

It pays to keep checking back if it’s something you really want to do.

Check Outside of Your Area for Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

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If you cannot find anything in your own area then think about looking elsewhere. There are virtual opportunities to find where you can also volunteer for one organization or another. It might be helping to raise funds, doing a Zoom call with someone, or helping in some other way, it doesn’t have to be just Vancouver.

You can find volunteer opportunities all over the world, even if it is just donating your time teaching another language to someone, or helping to spread the word about a certain charity you support. You can get creative and big and small ways, there is no one way to go about doing it.

When looking for virtual volunteer opportunities you can find a chance to volunteer for different projects all over the world.

There is a chance to learn many new things, make some new great connections, and also to give back in many small or big ways as much as you’d like. The only thing holding you back from giving back and finding those opportunities, if you want them, is you. Helping those charity organizations might be as simple as donating right from home, it’s quick and it’s powerful no matter how much you give.

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