Lunch With a View: Cardero’s In Vancouver Has a Great Patio

Cardero’s Restaurant in Vancouver has one of the best patio spaces if you are looking for a great place to dine for summer. Right now they’ve got outdoor patio space that is heated and covered, they also offer curbside pickup as well.

Where is Cardero’s Located in Vancouver? You can find Cardero’s Restaurant in Coal Harbour region at 1583 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E7, Canada

This is a great restaurant to go for lunch or dinner if you are looking for something by the water that has a great view. They do get busy when the weather is nice so you will want to get there ahead of time if you want to eat at a certain time for lunch or dinner. After having your meal you could go for a walk nearby as there are many other things to see and do in the Coal Harbour Vancouver region downtown.

Cardero’s Restaurant isn’t that far away from Canada Place and other cafes and downtown destinations, there are many great hotels nearby as well. Cardero’s is one of the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver and if you need a restaurant with a patio then you should check out this space for spring or summer.

They’ve got delicious dishes being served here like the kale and quinoa salad, Manhattan style clam chowder, fried oysters, baked salmon, and thai curry prawns.

Looking for one of the best patios in downtown Vancouver to have a meal? Then Cardero’s easily makes the list. Cardero’s Patio in Vancouver is a heated and covered patio space that allows you to gather with friends or family and enjoy some truly delicious food. Have your meal with some great scenery and take in the ocean and mountain views. Vancouver’s Coal Harbour region is one of the most beautiful areas in BC and has stunning views of Stanley Park and the ocean, mountains, and you are close to Stanley Park that you could go for a walk and explore the park after your meal.

Restaurants in Vancouver with Patio Space for Summer

Right now indoor dining has been restricted in Vancouver and so it is best to look for great patio spaces that allow you to eat outdoors. You can still support those restaurants you love and stay socially distanced while enjoying your meal outside. Some great patio spaces include those at Cardero’s and other venues like Earls, Cactus Club, The Keg, and others.

These are great restaurants to check out for lunch or dinner if you are in the Metro Vancouver region.

The Keg

The Keg in Yaletown has a great patio space and you can find good dishes like baked brie, crispy fried cauliflower, baked garlic shrimp, calamari, and shrimp cocktails. Whether you just want a shrimp cocktail with some drinks or a full on meal with family and friends, you can check out The Keg in Yaletown Vancouver for a great patio space.


There are several Earls locations to find and they include great patio spaces. Not only that but you can also access them for delivery and curbside pickup as well. If you want a good burger with some cocktails, all around comfort food, then Earls has got you covered for summer. This restaurant is a wise choice for a patio, friendly service, and good food. If you want that patio space then check out the Earls on Robson and that in Yaletown.

Cactus Club Cafe Coal Harbour

The Cactus Club Cafe Coal Harbour is a great restaurant with huge patio space. It’s also got takeout and delivery options too right now as indoor dining in BC has been restricted. There is also a max group size for dining that is up to 6 people. On the menu here are some great drinks, classic favorites, along with food options like a steak dinner for 2, cajun chicken caesar, yam fries, chicken wings, mini burgers, and truffle fries.

Seasonal Drink at Cactus Club: Passion Fruit Bellini

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When you need restaurants in Vancouver that have a patio then these places have got you covered. They offer easy access with transportation and great views too. There is a restaurant in Vancouver for any budget, for any craving, and plenty of patio space to be discovered.

Buffalo cauliflower, pizza, mini burgers, prawn cocktails, fresh seafood like fish and chips, a steak dinner with lobster, you can get just about everything and anything downtown. Bubble teas, coffee, cupcakes, or truffle fries.

These restaurants mentioned above don’t only have a great patio space but they also serve good food and are in great locations.

Other great Coal Harbour restaurants with that water view are places like Tap & Barrel that has a patio space and Mahony & Sons Irish Pub for some good comfort food for breakfast or lunch.

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If you are looking for a place downtown for lunch or dinner and want great views then choose a place that is close to the water like Cardero’s Restaurant in Coal Harbour, Cactus Club, Tap & Barrel, or Mahony & Sons. What if you want to do a bit of shopping before or after dinner? Then choose a restaurant like Cactus Club in Yaletown that has a variety of other shops and places to see nearby.

Earls on Robson street is another great restaurant to choose that has a patio space and many great retailers to checkout nearby when you are finished your meal. If you are having a day out with friends and family and looking for that restaurant in Vancouver with a patio then there are many places you could go with.

Those that are down by the water such as restaurants in Coal Harbour Vancouver, they offer a great opportunity to go and explore Stanley Park when you are finished with your meal. Grab some iced coffee or ice cream after your meal, rent a bike and go through the park, there are many options to fill your day with. When the weather is nicer in Vancouver these are some of the best restuarants with a patio in Vancouver to check out and order from.

You can still support them even if the patio space is full or you do not want to dine-out right now, check to see if the restuarant can be accessed on delivery apps or do a pickup option instead.

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