Legend House Review

Legend House is a Chinese restaurant in Coquitlam that offers Sichuan entrees along with Northern Chinese dim sum on the menu too. At the Legend House restaurant you can find a clean dining room, friendly service, and convenient options like takeout and delivery through third party delivery apps in the city such as SkipTheDishes.

There are a variety of great dishes to try on the menu, I would suggest going with Fried Rice with Deluxe Mixed Vegetable dish if you want something vegetarian.

Above you can see what the Fried Rice with Deluxe Mixed Vegetable dish looks like from Legend House when you order delivery through the third party delivery app. It is a fairly large serving and should be enough for 2 adults. If you are eating alone then you could save it in the fridge and eat it over several meals.

They offer pork, seafood, and a variety of other dishes at this Chinese restaurant in Coquitlam. When you want great Chinese food and are in Coquitlam wondering where you should go then check out this restaurant location.

They have great chicken and meat options like their Sweet and Sour Chicken, General Tsao’s Chicken, Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables, Chicken and Broccoli, Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet Soy Glazed Chicken, and other options.

If you want dim sum in coquitlam then Legend House has you covered and you can order some of the steamed pork buns that are delicious, or the pan fried pork buns, among other options on the menu.

Above here you see the Sweet and Sour Chicken dish that comes from Legend House in Coquitlam, a fair amount of chicken is given in one order. These two dishes could easily feed a couple, depending on how hungry you are. There is usually enough for leftovers after you are done.

When you want good Chinese food in Coquitlam and fast Chinese food then Legend House has you covered because you can order through the delivery app easily. Here you can also access takeout for Chinese food in Coquitlam too and the service is fast and friendly.

The Legend House restaurant is a great neighborhood restaurant to support during these times and they are delivering some great food when you want Chinese dishes and other items.

Indoor dining might be limited in BC right now because of recent COVID-19 restrictions but there are still other ways to support the great food businesses that you like.

Many businesses have already not been able to make it through the pandemic and there are a variety of small restaurants that are still struggling and they need that community support. The current indoor dining restrictions have been extended for weeks and that means they still need help to get through these hard times.

Restaurants around BC have had to adjust with making makeshift patio spaces and altering delivery or online services, doing what they could to adjust to the changing pandemic-related food demands and restrictions. Legend House is one restaurant in Coquitlam that is still there and still serving great Chinese food when you get that craving.

Good Chinese Food in Coquitlam

Because they are my favorite dishes I would suggest going with the mixed vegetables on the rice and the sweet and sour chicken, but their steamed pork buns are good too. There is a wide variety of options on the menu so you should be able to find something that you like and want to try.

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