International Student Decline: Schools in BC Losing Millions

Last year during the pandemic we saw that many industries faced a crisis, international travel came to a stop and the border still hasn’t been opened since. Right now travel is still restricted for essential purposes only and people are highly encouraged to stay in their own communities.

During the pandemic the number of international students in Canada decreased and that meant that schools around BC were going to lose millions in revenue.

We have seen a decrease of tens of thousands of international students around Canada through the pandemic.

Thanks to COVID-19 overall there has been more than a 30 per cent drop in international students compared to the previous year. Foreign enrollment in school has fallen 17 per cent and that means that BC schools and schools in other provinces are going to be struggling without that money coming in from students.

There is millions of dollars that schools in Canada are going to be missing out on with those numbers down.

From issues with paying bills, worries over travel rules restrictions on international travel, there are a variety of reasons why there is a decline in international students in Canada.

Fewer International Students in Canada Means Less Revenue For Schools

With vaccination efforts expanding in the country and hopes of overcoming the 3rd wave in BC and COVID-19 crisis in other regions, there is hope that we might see a normal summer or fall this year. After that things could resume with the border opening up more for travel, and those COVID-19 restrictions being eased. It might not be very long then before international student numbers start to grow again.

They’ve seen the largest declines for international students in the smallest cities, between 20 to 30 per cent for international student enrollment dropping in Canada.This could have significant implications for BC and other regions, for the schools that will be facing a cash crunch as a result of that decline.

International student enrollment rates have declined at universities around the world through the pandemic.

To deal with the decline other cost-cutting actions might be taken, like looking at outsourcing services in schools, or making potential layoffs, among other actions.

Who knows how long they might face the decline or what will be implemented to deal with it. Though some officials have already insisted that we won’t see layoffs as a result of the decline in international students in Canada.

There is billions in revenue coming in yearly from international students and that is going to be missed as this funding helps fuel a variety of programs in BC and around the country. Universities in Canada are facing a drastic drop in international enrollment but that isn’t going to last forever.

The number of international students in BC right now is below pre-pandemic levels and some districts have lost out on millions in revenue because of that drop in international student enrollment.

This lack of funding is eventually going to leak into core programing and this is at the very least highlighting the vulnerability of the current model right now.

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