How Are You Celebrating Earth Day Today?

Are you celebrating Earth Day today? And how might you be celebrating? There are various events taking place virtually in celebration of Earth Day 2021, with people around the world calling attention to the environment today.

Whether that means posting about reducing waste, using less plastic, using beeswax wrappers or glass bottles over plastic ones, there are many ways that people are getting creative and celebrating this day today.

Green products are being highlighted today, climate issues are being talked about, and some people are just simply walking around and enjoying the nature and parks in their areas. There are many big and small ways to celebrate this day and to share your passion for protecting the earth and fostering healthy communities around us.

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Cleaning Up Garbage on Earth Day 2021

For some people they might go out into their community today to clean up some garbage around town. There are volunteers all over the world that do this in their spare time because they are looking to keep their towns clean and looking beautiful. Here in BC we have many initiatives that look to keep our parks and beaches clear of clutter.

Earth Day 2021 is a great day to get out and visit a nearby park and pick up a piece of garbage or two if you can easily dispose of it, it’s a small way to do a little something today that can help make your community a little cleaner.

Getting A New Reusable Bottle

Depending on how many water bottles you go through you might want to consider getting a reusable bottle to drink with. Not only is this going to help you cut down on the plastic but you can also get bottles that offer more than just a container for water. For example, there is the new LARQ UV water bottle that filters and purifies and helps keep the bottle clean, whereas others can easily become dirty or smell over time.

If you are someone who is always on the go and bringing a drink with you then why not invest into something that is more unique and can offer more value than just holding your drink for you. There are plenty of options out there to have a look at when you want a reusable water bottle and what better day to get one then on Earth Day.

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The Tote Bag Life

It might finally be time to invest in a great tote bag to get your shopping done, for when you want to run to the grocery store or pick up a few things at the farmers market. Grocery stores are going to be increasingly doing away with plastic bags and that means you are left with having to bring your own option rather than buying one from the store.

Why not get yourself one that you love and that speaks to your own individual style? There are thousands of different tote bags to find out there and some of them even afford you the opportunity to do good with your purchase. This means you can purchase a tote that you want and need and get more than a tote.

When you purchase a tote there are some companies that have a pay it forward program to where a portion of that purchase will go on to support communities around Canada, or support artisans in other areas of the world etc. A portion of the tote sale might go toward helping to plant trees, and do other good acts. It just takes time to find the right product, and what better day than today to do it.

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Switching a water bottle to stainless steel or a glass bottle, going with a bamboo tooth brush or toothpaste tablets, opting for silicone bags instead of plastic bags, beeswax wrappers and paper straws, reusable cutlery and reusable containers, there are many different ways to get creative with mindful living on Earth Day.

Do Some Gardening

Many people are still nervous about going out right now because of the pandemic or they are restricted from traveling too far. If you have the option to get to a park or garden near you then get out and enjoy the spring weather.

It is a great chance to plant something too, you could even grow a variety of vegetables right from scraps on your balcony. It doesn’t require a lot of space or resources to get started. You just need time and patience and you can see things start to grow.

How to regrow food from kitchen scraps is very easy and only takes water and sunshine, along with some time, just to get started before transplanting into pots or other garden spaces. Check out the video below for some tips on how to regrow.

Planting trees is one of the most popular ways that people celebrate earth day around the world and there are many companies out there that can also help you to do it, that plant a tree when you make a purchase with them.

Some community garden spaces are even seeking volunteers right now to help them plant trees so it pays to see what is going on around your own community.

There are thousands of trees that are going to be planted on Earth Day.

Exploring community gardens, supporting local growers, there are many ways to get creative and to have fun with making your community a better space, a stronger one, and a cleaner one to enjoy.

There are orchards around BC to enjoy this spring and summer, many different farmers markets in Vancouver and around the lower mainland as well that you can browse and enjoy.

If you want to get out in nature then there is a long list of great parks and campsites, and though indoor dining and certain activities might be restricted right now, there are still many ways to enjoy your community even if you stay nearby.

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Find Good Parks, Beaches, Garden Spaces Around BC

If you want to get out and enjoy the weather and still stay distanced this spring and summer then look to explore your own community. Look for local gardens and community park spaces in your area that you might not have seen yet.

Don’t just assume that you’re familiar with everything that is there, especially if you haven’t really studied or explored the area.

You might not want to assume there is nothing good to find because you might be surprised at what you find even after decades of living in a certain area, you might still get surprised by what you discover and it might make you love your community even more.

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