Golden Mini Egg Macarons for Spring

Ten years ago you couldn’t find macarons hardly anywhere in the lower mainland. I don’t remember seeing them at any bakeries or cafes that I would visit, but in the last several years many macaron shops have opened. Now there are dozens of places in BC that offer macarons, even big grocery chains and other specialty grocery stores that have also started offering them.

Macarons are a great treat if you are looking for something unique in taste or to celebrate a special occasion. You can get a box of macarons to gift to someone and this is a great gift idea for any occasion and can be given to just about anyone. Who doesn’t love some good cookies? Macarons are considered to be some of the best and most expensive cookies in the world, and one of the most difficult to make. There are a growing number of places that you can now buy macarons in the market and over the years they’ve changed in style and design too.

From basic shapes and colors or flavors, to cartoon characters and intricate macaron designs, holiday themes, it is an incredibly exciting market that has sprung up over the years. The macaron demand is there because macarons are truly delicious and whether you are celebrating a birthday or looking for something sweet to go with your coffee, macarons are a good idea to go with.

Pictured above here is the Golden Mini Egg Macaron which is a spring limited edition macaron from Coffeeholic in Coquitlam. What do we think of when we think of spring? Probably chocolate and most likely egg chocolate like mini eggs.

What better than to combine this spring favorite into a macaron for a great spring macaron edition? These are delicious spring themed macarons to order from a local cafe when you are looking for a spring treat. They’ve also got great smooties, teas, iced coffee, and other drinks.

You can find many different flavors of macarons out there today, from strawberry and pistachio, to early grey, chocolate, raspberry, creamsicle, and other flavors, it seems there is no end to what you might imagine you could do with a macaron. You might have thought you have tried macarons but have you tried a golden mini egg macaron, a chocolate pretzel, or passion fruit? There are so many great combinations to try and find when you are craving macarons.

Even better is when you are looking to gift them to someone else. You can share the love of macarons and give someone a little something special for Mother’s Day or some other occasion. Macarons make the perfect gift and might be something special that someone wouldn’t normally buy for themselves because of the price.

A mini egg edition for macarons is perfect for spring and Coffeeholic in Coquitlam did it in a way that as usual tasted amazing. They’ve got some of the best macarons I have ever tried in the lower mainland. When you are near Coquitlam and want fresh macarons then check this cafe out because they’ve got a variety to choose from.

I have mentioned them before and will probably mention them again because I love their macarons and iced coffee.

Mother’s Day is coming up and then Father’s Day after that so why not gift some macarons for the occasion? Get a box of 6 or more, there are a variety of packages depending on what cafe you go to find macarons. Sometimes you can find larger macaron boxes of 24 or more, and this allows you to gift several different flavor options which boosts chances of including one or many that they will really like.

Whether spring, summer, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, graduation, doesn’t matter, macarons are a good gift ; unless they don’t like sweet treats. Even better is when you get yourself an occasional gift and get a little something to go with your coffee or tea, that gives you one more reason to enjoy the day.

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