#FriesforRMHC: Sales from Fries Helping Ronald McDonald House Charities in Canada

In the past we have seen that McDonald’s has taken a portion of their sales from fries and used that to donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada or RMHC.

Now they are back at it again and McDonald’s Canada is asking Canadians to become “fry-lanthropists” and help donate to RMHC by purchasing fries from McDonald’s over the next several weeks.

From April 20th to May 10th a portion of sales from every fry order at McDonald’s is going to support Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada effort and that goes to families and children that need support in the country.

RMHC is an organization that helps to create and find support and programs for children and their families that are in need. A majority of their operation funding comes from individuals and organizations and they’ve been helping families around Canada for decades now. Hundreds of thousands of families have been helped through their charitable efforts.

This is the same event that used to be known as the Fries for Good initiative but has now been renamed to the Fries For RMHC to highlight that connection to the founding partner.

This initiative with McDonald’s has helped hundreds of thousands of families and raised millions of dollars since it was first launched. It is thanks to the support that they have seen from Canadians and organizations making those donations that they’ve been able to continue.

This is one organization that helps thousands of families and right now during the pandemic the need is higher than ever for those who need extra resources and help. The organization itself has also allegedly been struggling with donations through COVID-19 too and this campaign is a great opportunity to change that.

This food event is going to give them a chance to see how much Canadians are willing to support good causes and how much they love McDonald’s fries. Fries For Good was a chance to try and rally Canadians to buy something they love but also get that chance to support communities in Canada.

Despite all of the good that they do and how many families they help, there are still some families who are turned away because there isn’t enough to help them.

More donations are always needed and welcomed to try and meet those needs, right now the need still outweighs the current capacity.

The charity group is planning to expand their capacity in the future and add hundreds of more beds across Canada to try and adapt to meet those needs. But they cannot do it alone and they need help from the community.

Right now for those who want to take part in the initiative they are invited to place their order, even meals count for a portion of the fry sales going to help, and you can post your picture online with the tag #FriesforRMHC.

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